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VÉRITÉ, Tigertown (Show Pics)

VÉRITÉ and Tigertown recently performed at The Troubadour.

And photog Mallory Turner was there to shoot the dope show.

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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Marian Hill, VÉRITÉ, SHAED (Show Pics)

Marian Hill, VÉRITÉ, and SHAED recently performed at the El Rey Theatre.


And photog Mallory Turner was there to shoot the show and capture some portraits.

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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VÉRITÉ (Feature)

IMG_4989VÉRITÉ recently performed at The Echoplex for Popshop West.


So MINIVAN Photography and Free Bike Valet met up with her to shoot some pics and ask some questions.

Do people often mispronounce your moniker?

“Less often than you’d think. More commonly people are hesitant to say it at all until they know the actual pronunciation.”


What have you enjoyed the most while on tour?

“Everything. Literally. I love being on the go twenty four seven. I don’t do well with free time so prolonged periods of focus are the dream.”


What’s the biggest difference between your debut EP Sentiment and your recent follow-up Echo?

Sentiment, to me, is an extension of Echo. It was produced more in the box but with a similar writing process.”


How did you come to collaborate with writer/producer Zach Nicita on one song?

“Serendipity. The track for ‘Colors’ was sent over to me and I wrote the chorus within five minutes of hearing it. From there we worked on finalizing structure, sounds, etcetera.”


What can we expect from you next?

“If I had my way, I’d leak a few singles. For now, I’m stocking an arsenal of songs and playing live. Looking forward to the rest of this year and next.”

MINIVAN Photography: FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr

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