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“He & I” by Justin Michael Williams (Premiere)

Justin Michael Williams is a Venice Beach-based yoga teacher who decided to record an album after being inspired by a question his cancer-stricken grandmother once asked: “If you were in my shoes and knew you were going to die in two months, what would you do?” The result is his debut album, Metamorphosis, which drops September 23rd. Here’s his latest leaked single, “He & I,” which was produced by Johnny What and is a chilling, neo-R&B burner via ominous synths, heavy downtempo beats, edgy effects, and an arrestingly sharp falsetto of soul.

“Is this love born to die?”

Justin Michael Williams: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“Like You” by EXES

EXES is the project of Venice Beach denizens Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo who claim to have chosen their moniker since they only write songs about their exes. The coed duo’s latest single, “Like You,” is leaked off their forthcoming debut EP and is a trip-pop dreamscape built on trap beats, edgy effects, and a very lush voice. Just close your eyes and sway.

“Tell me if you miss me cause I’m going fucking crazy.”

EXES will perform on August 16th at Dirty Laundry.


EXES: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Synchronized Swimming” by Dia (Premiere)

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.48.17 PM
When Venice Beach-denizen Danielle Birrittella creates music she becomes the songstress Dia. She recently leaked the single, “Synchronized Swimming,” off her debut EP, Tiny Ocean, dropping this April via Heliophilia/MANIMAL. Produced by Tim Carr (HAIM), the song is a testament to Dia‘s raw talent by weaving tropical rhythms and beautiful guitar lines into a swirling soar of gentle indie rock with dream pop panache.

“Winter’s got me weeping.”

Dia: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Good Girls” by Bad Wave

Bad Wave began when producer Patrick Hart kept sporadically living with songwriter Tucker Tota in Venice Beach. No longer roomies (but neighbors), they continue to collaborate on catchy pop singles such as “Good Girls” (10K Islands). Built on shimmering synths and pulsing digi-beats, the song continues the duo’s reliable vibe for danceable neo-disco.

“But good girls don’t get scared.”

Bad Wave: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Youth In 21” by Chelsea Effect

Emerald Isabella Chelsea Effect Press Photo Hi Rez No Border
Chelsea Effect returns with another stellar single: “Youth In 21.” Lyrically, the song was inspired by an imagined conversation between Hadley Hemingway and Zelda Fitzgerald in 1920’s France and with frontwoman Emerald Isabella’s Transatlantic-channeling vox acting as the focus, the track beautifully builds its zeal into a sweeping soar of epic pop.

“Beautiful scars show we have survived.”

Chelsea Effect: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“Everything Is Right” by Alina Bea

Alina Bea (Miriam Brummel)
Alina Cutrono has returned by releasing her debut solo EP, Live Undone (New Professor Music), under the new moniker Alina Bea. The project is the result of simultaneous life events: her former band, Body Parts, becoming defunct and the emotional aftermath of ending a long-term romance. The Venice Beach native dubs her new sound as “adventurous electro pop” and with help from producer Mike Richardson, she nails it. Here’s her first single, “Everything Is Right,” which blends throwback synths, digi-beats, and a luscious vox into a wash of shimmery sonics.

“We’re just too young to see what’s going on.”

Alina Bea will perform on January 30th at The Bootleg Theater for GIRLSCHOOL‘s Field Day Weekend.


Alina Bea: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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