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Passion Pit, Atlas Genius (Show Pics)

Passion Pit and Atlas Genius recently performed at The Wiltern.


And photog Justin Dingwall was there to shoot the stellar show:

Justin Dingwall: Website, Twitter, Instagram

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Lord Huron, Family of the Year (Show Pics)

shevakafai-lordhuron-11Lord Huron and Family of the Year recently performed at The Wiltern.


And photog Sheva Kafai (House After House) was there to shoot the show.

Sheva Kafai: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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OK Go, Kitten (Show Pics)

OkGo_Kitten_Wiltern_075OK Go and Kitten recently performed at The Wiltern.


And photog Christian Bourdeau was there to shoot the show.

Christian Bourdeau: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Sir Sly (Interview)


Sir Sly recently ended their nationwide tour at The Wiltern.


And Mallory Turner met up to shoot some pics and ask drummer Hayden Coplen some questions.

Do you prefer to kick off or end a tour in your hometown of L.A.?

“It’s a special feeling to end a tour in Los Angeles. It feels great to finish and simultaneously be surrounded by friends and family who have supported us for years. Also, I really miss hometown food at that point, so it’s a bonus.”


Sir Sly’s sound is heavy on electronic production. What was the stimulus for this direction?

“Honestly, I think it’s a product of music we were listening to when Sir Sly started. I was, and am, drawn to artists like Radiohead or LCD Soundsystem that are using electronics in an inventive, fresh way. Landon [Jacobs] and I grew up playing in a more traditional rock band setup with no electronics. So once Sir Sly started, it was like painting with a new brush. It was a period of exponential artistic growth for all of us.”


What would you say is the most common lyrical misinterpretation of one of your songs?

“I’ve heard that some people think the album is full of love or breakup songs. While that’s close to the truth in a certain sense, I would encourage those people to dig deeper and know that most of our songs are not about romantic relationships.”


How many songs were cut from You Haunt Me

“We cut about twenty five or so.”

Will we ever get to hear them?

“Probably not. There are some good songs that got cut and some that are not good at all. Our time writing and recording in the studio lately has been incredibly fruitful. So there is no reason or need at this [point] to revisit those old songs. I’d rather just release new ones.”


Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR sang on your track “Inferno.” Has she ever joined you on stage?

“No! One day… She’s an incredible person and we owe a lot to her and Neon Gold for getting Sir Sly started. Have you heard their new single by the way? Just listened this morning. It’s great.”

Indeed. Who do you want to contribute guest vocals on the next album?

“Maybe we’ll let Jason [Suwito] sing. Or Chase [Kensrue]? Philippe [Andre]? But for real, we don’t have anyone planned at the moment. It would have to be something that arises naturally. You can always tell when an artist forces a collaboration like that and the results don’t quite hold up.”

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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