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“Better Instincts” Music Video by Miner

If you’re ever feeling glum, just know that Miner will promptly release a new song just to soothe your soul. After a rejuvenating break (long enough for frontman Justin Miner to grow a very brawny beard), the family band returns by leaking a single, “Better Instincts,” off their forthcoming sophomore album Tuanaki. Recorded in Seattle with producer Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Band of Horses), the song is a riveting mix of Americana rock and folk pop that naturally gives chills with its group harmonies and opens the heart with its majestic soars.

“I go against my better instincts.”

And here’s its apt music video of natural beauty which was primarily shot along the Central Coast during the band’s drive north to Seattle.

Miner: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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"East Coast Girl" by Cayucas

cayucas7This year, SoCal’s summer season won’t begin with Memorial Day weekend. It’ll start premature due to today’s release of Cayucas‘ debut album Bigfoot.


Produced by Richard Swift (The ShinsDamien JuradoThe Mynabirds) and released by Secretly Canadian, the album features eight tracks of coastal-inspired buoyant pop rock. Band founder Zach Yudin’s delivers his signature echoey vocals on every song that either conjures a beach bonfire or a crashing wave. Their latest single, “East Coast Girl,” talks about a cute gal with ties to the obviously more boring side of the country:

Cayucas will perform tonight at Origami Vinyl for their album release party. And it’s free!

Cayucas’ Official SiteCayucas on FacebookCayucas on TwitterCayucas on Instagram

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"High School Lover" Music Video by Cayucas

cayucas6Santa Monica‘s Cayucas released a music video for their single “High School Lover.” Directed by Cameron Dutra, the video shows the beach bum band performing inside a brick building decorated like a bungalow. Band founder Zach Yudin glitches with spurts of colorful animated graphics as if he’s a piñata having a seizure. And of course, an adolescent romance is told. In the press release, Dutra said:

“‘High School Lover’ is about a girl who would write Zach love letters, yet he would never respond despite actually liking her back. I tried to abstract the idea of a high school girl’s notebook with doodles and sketches into stop motion graphics and titles. Overall we wanted to keep the vibe light-hearted, fun, and creative just like the music.”

Cayucas‘ debut album Bigfoot was produced by Richard Swift (The ShinsDamien JuradoThe Mynabirds) and will be released on April 30th via Secretly Canadian Records.


Cayucas will next perform at Origami Vinyl on April 30th for their album release party. And it’s free!

Cayucas’ Official SiteCayucas on FacebookCayucas on Twitter, Cayucas on Instagram

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"Cayucos" Music Video by Cayucas

Maybe they thought it was funny as in ironic confusion, but the Santa Monica-based band Cayucas named their first single “Cayucos.” It was released as a 7″ last month but will also be included on the beach-bum band’s debut album which is due out early next year via Secretly Canadian Records. Produced by Richard Swift (The Shins, Damien Jurado, The Mynabirds), the song is a warm breeze of buoyant pop rock that instantly reminisces that one perfect summer when you were tan, lean, and young.

And of course a music video was created that centers around day trips to the beach in a VW bus. It features band leader Zach Yudin (sea captain) and his band-member twin-brother (straw hat) and was shot/directed by Nolan Wilson Goff at Whittier and Corona Del Mar‘s beach. Check out how it only reinstates the track’s undeniable nostalgic glee:

Cayucas will perform at The Central Tuesday night along with The Pocket Rockets and Gavin.

Cayucas’ Official Site, Cayucas on Facebook, Cayucas on Twitter

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Hey Mez EP by Jemez Mountain Hawkz

Jemez Mountain Hawkz (“J” pronounced as “H”) makes folk rock with a classic vibe that harks to the California days without smog or traffic. A time when weekend roads trips along the coast offered complete freedom from technology and stress. And now thanks to this veteran Echo Park-based collective, (which includes Ian Moore and former members of The Shins and Scared Of Chaka) you can sonically travel back to a nostalgic time when our parents were young, tan, and did things they don’t want us to know about.

Jemez Mountain Hawkz just released their debut EP Hey Mez:

Jemez Mountain Hawkz’s Official SiteJemez Mountain Hawkz on FacebookJemez Mountain Hawkz on TwitterJemez Mountain Hawkz on TumblrJemez Mountain Hawkz on Bandcamp

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"Surface" by Opus Orange

Santa Monica denizen Paul “PB” Bessenbacher is a commercial composer for Emoto Music by day, but by night the multi-instrumentalist is the headmaster for the indie pop rock act Opus Orange. Since 2009, the band has released three EPs, collaborated with Eleni Mandell, and had their songs featured in an Apple iPhone commercial and episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Originally a mostly acoustic coed duo, the group has grown to a quintet but that has only enhanced the band’s ability to craft infectious pop melodies. Upbeat and radiant, Opus Orange’s latest EP Surface was released today. Synths, casio beats, and harmonies litter the tracks and the result conjures a more digital The Shins or a more acoustic The Postal Service. Here’s the EP’s title track:

Opus Orange‘s EP release party will be sponsored tonight by Emoto Music and Soundwell at The Central along with The Ross Sea Party, The Mid-Cities, and The Dead Ships.

Opus Orange’s Official Site, Opus Orange on Facebook, Opus Orange on Twitter, Opus Orange on Bandcamp, Opus Orange on Soundcloud

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