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Oyster Kids, FRANKIE, Rozes, LEX (Show Pics)

Oyster Kids, FRANKIE, Rozes, and LEX recently performed at The Echo.


And photog Mallory Turner was there to shoot the fun show.

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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TRANSVIOLET, Katelyn Tarver, Bridgit Mendler (Show Pics)

TRANSVIOLET, Katelyn Tarver, and Bridgit Mendler recently performed at The Echo for Popshop West.


And photog Mallory Turner was there to shoot the show and capture some portraits.

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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“Casual Wrecks” by Adult Books

Press Photo 1 - Cassandra Marquez
They’ll probably hock a salty loogie on me for saying this, but Adult Books is the poster child for SoCal garage rawk. With origins in Laguna Niguel, the trio has been shaking up Echo Park for years with their righteous blend of surfy post-punk and raw melodic pop. Their long overdue debut full-length, Running from the Blows, drops on March 4th via Lolipop/Burger Records and will soon be a touchstone for the DIY scene. Here’s its opening track “Casual Wrecks”:

“And after dark she asked me if I knew.”

Tonight (February 15th), Adult Books continues their February residency at The Echo.


Adult Books: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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Adults Books, Drinking Flowers, Terminal A, The Molochs (Show Pics)

Adults Book recently kicked off their February residency at The Echo with Drinking Flowers, Terminal A, and The Molochs.


And Carlos Garcia (of 360nm) was there to shoot the wild show.

360nm: WebsiteFacebook, Instagram, Tumblr

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Night Beats, Warbly Jets, The Relationship (Show Pics)

Night Beats, Warbly Jets, and The Relationship recently performed at The Echo.


And photog Sheva Kafai was there to shoot the show.

Sheva Kafai: Website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

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SWIMM booked for January residency at The Echo

SWIMM has been booked for the January residency at The Echo.


So Free Bike Valet and photographer Sheva Kafai caught up with the band at their warehouse residence (and recording studio) in Lincoln Heights to shoot some 120mm pics and ask frontman Chris Hess some questions.

What made you decide to do a residency?

“We have always looked at a residency as a rite of passage for an LA band. It wasn’t a conscious decision but we had started discussing the idea of trying to do one within the year and then quite serendipitously Liz [Garo] from The Echo asked us to lunch and offered the January residency. It was a nerve-wracking and exciting prospect.”


Why did you want to do it at The Echo?

“The first show I ever went to in LA was at The Echo. It was downstairs to see The Presets –and Crystal Castles opened up for them. From that point on that place held this mystique. Over the years when we would visit LA we would always go to shows there. We saw The Growlers play their residency there, and since we have moved here two years ago I’ve made it a point to try and get to a show there a few times a month if not a week. It is one of those places you can just trust. If a band is playing The Echo it usually means they will fit into the wheelhouse of good taste. That is why we wanted to play there so badly and it took a while to. It is famously difficult to get booked at The Echo which only added to the mystique for the first year and a half we lived here. My favorite shows [there] have been Chad Vangaalen and Ice Age –both were totally different but had a really memorable vibe.”

How did you choose the opening bands for your residency?

“We’ve been lucky enough to play with a lot of rad bands here over the last two years. That has been the coolest part about the residency: just getting to share a night with your friends and having everyone feed off each other has felt really cool every Monday. My favorite thing about my friends’ bands is that even if they are my best friends, our [opening] bands all sound totally different. It makes for a lot of things to draw inspiration from.”

What other Los Angeles-based bands do you respect?

“Our roommates and best buds are in Sego. I was in the van with [their drummer] Tom [Carroll] listening to their new single ‘Obscene Dream” on the way home from our show last Monday and I was telling him it was crazy cause I used to go and watch bands play in Florida that were touring through from LA and New York, and I would think that they were just these famous rock stars that were doing world tours and that they were mysterious untouchable creatures. And while listening to their song, I had this epiphany that Tom and Spencer [Petersen]’s band was even better and more magical than any of those bands. Not anything against those bands, but it is just that I think the world of some of my best friend’s bands. It is wild.”


Do you have a pre-show ritual?

“Just lots of hugging.”

What can we expect from your last set?

“We do have a special surprise song. All I’ll say is that I’ve been listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack a lot. That combined with our bassist Hany is an amazing pianist and it leads to me possibly making a fool of myself. But I’ll at least have a lot of fun doing it. That and my love and respect for Patrick Swayze should be portrayed somehow. Rest in peace. We will also be closing with a song that will be on our forthcoming first full length album. It is a song about Florida, sexuality, success, and empty nesters. Pretty much all the things I stare into the blank nothing and ruminate over.”

What do you hope to gain by doing a residency at The Echo?

“Fear in the eyes of fashionistas across all of Echo Park. That’s not all though. There is an artistic community on the Eastside of LA that we never really had access to when living in beach towns in Florida. The thought of being able to immerse ourselves in that is incredible to us. Sharing a night with three other rad bands and all drunkenly hugging at the end of the night and talking to people after the show that really want to read the SWIMM zines we make and then turn out to be crazy talented artists themselves is the best.”

Sheva Kafai: Website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

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VISION booked for December residency at The Echo

“Fast paced rock ‘n’ roll” act VISION has been booked for the December residency at The Echo.


So Free Bike Valet and photographer Sheva Kafai caught up with the band in Echo Park to shoot some 120mm pics and ask frontman Christopher Valer some questions.


What made you decide to do a residency?

“We always wanted to do a residency ever since this band started and what better place than LA’s number one venue The Echo. Aside from always wanting to do a residency at The Echo, we are promoting our new album, Inertia, out through Burger Records who we couldn’t be more proud to rep. Shout to Sean and my baby boy Lee!”


Why did you choose The Echo?

“We fucking love The Echo. We respect this venue that has showcased so much talent from The Horrors to The Rolling Stones. It’s an honor to play in a venue with so much history and prestige. We’re LA boys. We grew up in LA and we know how important this venue is to LA.”


Who are your opening bands?

“Our good friend Rudy de Anda and Part Time shared the stage with us on our opening night. At first we wanted to book the most locally popular [bands] in LA but then we started thinking: ‘Fuck that!’ We just want to play with bands we love and respect because we believe their music is good. [We’re] keeping it about the music and not the hype. That’s what indie is really about.”


What other Los Angeles-based bands do you respect?

“We really like Wild Wing and Rudy de Anda. It’s a long list but these are two that we want to show some love to. At the end of the day we’re not haters. We just love music and people that are real.”


Do you have a pre-show ritual?

“No. We never have anything planned. We’re all about vibes and we just go with the flow.”


What can we expect from your set?

“You could expect not to expect the same set. Every night will be different. We’re gonna play songs from our new album, Inertia, and also songs that we haven’t played before or haven’t played in a while.”


Will you be playing any covers?

“Actually, we are considering playing a cover for one night but we’ll see how things flow. We’re thinking Christian Death‘s “Romeo’s Distress.” But who knows? We might just do Nirvana.”


What do you hope to gain by doing a residency at The Echo?

“First to finally cross out playing a residency at The Echo from my bucket list. We just want to establish that we can keep up with the best in LA because we feel we are one of the best. We believe this album is that good and deserves to be promoted in the best venue in LA.”

What are you looking forward to the most?

“We are looking forward to doing what we love in a place that we love and that’s playing music.”

Sheva Kafai: Website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram

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True Widow, Drab Majesty, King Woman (Show Pics)

True Widow, Drab Majesty, and King Woman recently performed at The Echo.


And photog Kristin Cofer was there to shoot the show.

Kristin Cofer: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr

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