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"Every Little Now And Then" by Simone White

SW_standing_smSimone White‘s third album Silver Silver (Honest Jon’s) offers more hypnotic tranquility accented by her familiar faint voice as if she was angel whispering secrets while we sleep. But this Hawaiian-born songstress can’t shed her roots and closes her new album with a brief moment of folk: “Every Little Now And Then” is an Ukulele-strung ditty of affectionate pop that finishes just after sinking into your heart.

The cover art for Silver Silver looks like it could be from some garage sale photo-slide. But according to an interview White gave on CMJ, the young girl is herself at age 3, the naked lady is her mom, and the man is a Tongan escapee from Mormons. Whaaa?

Simone White’s official site, Honest Jon’s Records

Purchase Silver Silver on itunes here

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