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“Mirror Talk” by Teenage Wrist

A49E8628-2C2C-4EAD-BAF5-E3C684271DF3Teenage Wrist is a Silver Lake-based side-project of Kamtin Mohager (The Chain Gang Of 1974), Marshall Gallagher (of Swing Hero), and Anthony Salazar. Their recently released debut EP, Dazed, is a steady blast of throwback alt-rock which strikes a diligent balance between melodic sincerity and shoegaze fuzz as if recorded at Fort Apache Studios in the mid-’90s. Here’s the beautifully raucous “Mirror Talk”:

“Have you ever felt the gloom?”

Teenage Wrist will perform on June 29th at The Echo.


Teenage Wrist: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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