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"Slow Down" Music Video by Poolside

screen-shot-2012-07-20-at-11-38-57-amOnly in SoCal could a band like Poolside form. Based out of a studio in Los Feliz, the duo of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise make what they call “daytime disco” by mixing slow beats with lax vocals. Their songs are caught between bopping down the strand in roller skates and laying in the sand while the tide rises. Either way, it’s warm, fun, and engulfing. Nikolic plays bass for Ima Robot and Paradise used to be in San Diego’s The Calculators with members of The Rapture, but now they’re the go-to-act for a laid-back dancefest. The music video for their second single “Slow Down” was directed by Shahana Khan and is a visual showcase for the band’s appropriate moniker:

Poolside will perform this Saturday, March 30th for All Bands On Deck! at the Santa Monica Pier along with YACHTKissesThem JeansGuns In The Sun, and DJ Mario Cotto. And yes, there will be actual free bike valet at this event.

All Bands On Deck Poolside

Poolside’s Official Site, Poolside on Facebook, Poolside on Twitter, Poolside on YouTube, Poolside on Tumblr, Poolside on Soundcloud

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"There Is Nothing You Can Do" by The Paragraphs

The northern part of San Diego county still holds on to a nostalgic speck of mid-century beach culture that has faded in most parts of SoCal. So maybe that’s why the Vista-based band The Paragraphs sound like a scene from a gritty surf film. After two EPs, they recently released their debut album Plus Slash Minus (or +/-) that blends blues and soul with a pop rock vibe. Highlighting the record is the crescendoing “There Is Nothing You Can” that’s perfect for washing your brain out while watching the sun sink into the dark waves:

The Paragraphs’ Official Site, The Paragraphs on Facebook, The Paragraphs on Twitter, The Paragraphs on Bandcamp

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"Country" by Hello Echo

Hello Echo is a Santa Monica-based man-trio that makes indie rock chopped up with grooving rhythms and steady strums. Each song carries a fuzzy filter and natural lure that’ll either make you shake or sway. And while guitarist/vocalist Sean Aylward occasionally projects his lyrics in a sing-shout fashion that recalls Modest Mouse‘s Isaac Brock, they tend to be more varied like a leisurely Built To Spill.

The new surf jam single “Country” is off their second EP entitled Coffee Cups which was recorded at Coyote Hearing Studios in Oakland, CA and produced by Apollo Sunshine‘s drummer Jeremy Black. It will be released on August 21.

Hello Echo will perform tonight at The Central along with Kevin Earnest, Blonde Summer, and The Ross Sea Party.

Hello Echo’s official site, Hello Echo on Facebook, Hello Echo on Twitter, Hello Echo on Bandcamp, Hello Echo on Soundcloud

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"Sweet Melodies" by We Are / She Is

We Are / She Is makes pop rock mashed up with dance beats and synth streams. The high tempo keeps your legs moving while the harmonic choruses keep your arms waving. The SoCal girl duo may split residences between Buena Park (guitarist/synthesizer/vocalist Jessie Meehan) and Westwood (bassist/synthesizer/vocalist Merilou Salazar), but that doesn’t stop them from syncing like sisters. Their debut EP is entitled “Young And Pretty Clean” and has had two tracks featured on Showtime’s The Real L Word.  But our favorite is the moody dance track “Sweet Melodies”:

We Are / She Is will perform tonight at The Central along with BlondfireIn The Valley Below, and Y Luv.

We Are / She Is on TumblrWe Are / She Is on FacebookWe Are / She Is on Twitter, We Are / She Is on Youtube, We Are / She Is on iTunes, We Are / She Is on Bandcamp

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"Drift Off" music video by Lovers Drugs

The power-pop rock trio known as Lovers Drugs recently released their debut album Drift Off. The title track is a popster ditty that makes you want to skip or bop along, and the song’s respective music video is genius: A faux-recreation of a local news coverage of the “Video Game World Championships”… in 1982 (probably before the band members were even born):

And just in case you wanted more footage of Channel 9’s renown news anchor Skipper Smith:

Lovers Drugs will perform tonight at The Central along with Blondfire and In The Valley Below.

Lovers Drugs’ official site, Lovers Drugs on Facebook, Lovers Drugs on Twitter, Lovers Drugs on BandcampLovers Drugs on Soundcloud, Lovers Drugs on Youtube

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"Haunted Heart" music video by Little Hurricane

San Diego’s Little Hurricane is making a renown presence in SoCal. The coed duo met when drummer Celeste “C.C.” Spina exchanged her chef knives for drumsticks and posted a Craigslist ad that guitarist/vocalist Anthony “Tone” Catalano answered. They soon became North Park‘s beloved mascot and released their debut album Homewrecker (Unknown Breakthrough) –a blues rock homage of gritty riffs, bruised beats, and lyrics that stain your soul.

Here is their music video for “Haunted Heart” which was directed by DJay Brawner (Foo Fighters, Scars On 45) and shot in the Imperial Valley. Staying true to their sound, the video features lots of grime, blood, and intrigue…

Little Hurricane will tour with the Heartless Bastards beginning July 31st.

Little Hurricane on iTunesLittle Hurricane’s official site, Little Hurricane on Facebook, Little Hurricane on Twitter, Little Hurricane on YoutubeLittle Hurricane on SoundcloudAnthem Films

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"So Far/Vertigo" by Warm Weather

Everybody loves warm weather, especially the eccentric-pop trio called Warm Weather who ditched their East Coast homes for the sunnier shores of SoCal and now live in West Hollywood. Having already self-released two EPs (“Dances” and “Looking Through”), their sound varies with relaxed strums and retrotastic harmonies, but the upbeats always win. Highlighting their songography is the worldbeat-ish track “So Far/Vertigo” that Vampire Weekend forgot to write. Maybe it’s a preppy Ivy League thing since Warm Weather went to Dartmouth and Vampire Weekend went to Columbia.

Warm Weather is currently in Truth Studios recording their debut full-length which will be mastered by Jeff Lipton of Peerless Mastering (Bon Iver, Andrew Bird).

Warm Weather on Facebook, Warm Weather on Twitter, Warm Weather on Bandcamp, Warm Weather on Soundcloud

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"Don't You Give Up On Me" by Milo Greene

Silver Lake‘s beloved Milo Greene has finally appeased their devoted fan-base by announcing the July 17th release date of their debut album. Being pressed by the Atlantic subsidiary Chop Shop Records, the self-titled record was co-produced by Ryan Hedlock (Ra Ra Riot, Blonde Redhead, The Gossip) at his Bear Creek Studio (a converted country barn) outside of Seattle. The already fan favorites “Don’t Give Up On Me” & “1957” can be previewed below and reassure that this highly anticipated album will feature eleven more tracks of delicate rock swelled by harmonic bliss.

Milo Greene’s official site, Milo Greene on Bandcamp, Milo Greene on Facebook, Milo Greene on Twitter, Milo Green on Tumblr

Purchase “1957” on itunes here.

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