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ALTimate Summer Camp (Show Pics)

Capital Cities, The Naked and Famous, Grace Mitchell, Bishop Briggs, Lewis Del Mar, JR JR, Declan McKenna, and The Strumbellas recently performed at ALTimate Summer Camp on the Santa Monica Pier.


And photog Mallory Turner was there to shoot the show and capture some portraits.

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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“In A Week” by Worn-tin

Worn-tin is the project of youngster Warner Hiatt who makes lo-fi, indie-pop psych-rock all by himself out of a backyard shed in Santa Monica. His debut full-length, Thanatophobia (fear of death), was conjured after he survived a violent car crash and the result is a brilliantly diverse (and sometimes experimental) collection of songs written through a garage rawk ethos and filled with jangle-pop verve. Here’s the beautiful, piano-focused ballad “In A Week”:

“Everything reminds you of him.”

Worn-tin: Facebook, Soundcloud

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“Heartbreaker” Lyric Video by LEVV (Premiere)

DSCF4830Named in honor of the famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy, LEVV is the project of Santa Monica denizen Seth Jones and Nashville-based Audrey Assad. With a soaring vox and edgy production, the duo can conjure a majestic dark-pop presence but for their latest single, “Heartbreaker” (off their forthcoming debut EP Strange Fire), they mingled throwback synths and electro beats demanding a dance-off.

And here’s the song’s lyric video revealing its theme of “self-seduction” and “relational dysfunction.”

LEVV: Website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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“Make Our Own Way” Music Video by Little Brutes

LittleBrutes_MainSmall_LindseyByrnesIndie rock poppers Little Brutes decided to create their first music video for their snappy doo-wop single “Make Our Own Way” off their debut EP Desire.

“Here we go now, let’s make our own way.”

The video follows a young woman (played by renown actress Elisha Cuthbert) enjoying a beautiful day in Santa Monica that oh-so-well encapsulates SoCal living via bike cruising, seagull chasing, and ocean wave skipping:

Little Brutes: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud

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"High School Lover" Music Video by Cayucas

cayucas6Santa Monica‘s Cayucas released a music video for their single “High School Lover.” Directed by Cameron Dutra, the video shows the beach bum band performing inside a brick building decorated like a bungalow. Band founder Zach Yudin glitches with spurts of colorful animated graphics as if he’s a piñata having a seizure. And of course, an adolescent romance is told. In the press release, Dutra said:

“‘High School Lover’ is about a girl who would write Zach love letters, yet he would never respond despite actually liking her back. I tried to abstract the idea of a high school girl’s notebook with doodles and sketches into stop motion graphics and titles. Overall we wanted to keep the vibe light-hearted, fun, and creative just like the music.”

Cayucas‘ debut album Bigfoot was produced by Richard Swift (The ShinsDamien JuradoThe Mynabirds) and will be released on April 30th via Secretly Canadian Records.


Cayucas will next perform at Origami Vinyl on April 30th for their album release party. And it’s free!

Cayucas’ Official SiteCayucas on FacebookCayucas on Twitter, Cayucas on Instagram

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"Skinny Love" Live Video by Sunday Lane & Max Helmerich (Cover)

SundayLaneSanta Monica‘s Sunday Lane is a petite piano poptress whose songs evoke a good morning: bright, refreshed, and full of optimism. But one evening at her parent’s empty rural house in Tulsa, she collaborated with her brother Max Helmerich on covering one of Bon Iver‘s most beloved songs: “Skinny Love.” Director Nathan Presley floats around the room unnoticed like a ghost and captures the singers’ intimate duet. Perhaps this is how Justin Vernon truly meant for this song to be played: as an open confession sung between a man and a woman.

Sunday Lane‘s debut full length album is From Where You Are.

Sunday Lane album_1

She will be performing at Hotel Cafe this Sunday along with Fauntella Crow.


Sunday Lane’s Official Site, Sunday Lane on Facebook, Sunday Lane on Twitter, Sunday Lane on YouTube

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"Your Dead Red Sweater" by Orange Umbrella

IMG_3592Once the Santa Monica denizen Josh Rowley is armed with a guitar and beat machine, he becomes Orange Umbrella: a one man act that strums and croons over lax dance beats. Rowley claims that his “collaboration” with the magical orange box resulted from disliking performing onstage alone and the outcome is a striking balance of digital pop rock that makes the head bop while still being sincere. Orange Umbrella‘s debut album is due this February and is being produced by Future Dancing‘s Patrick Ginn. But for now you can enjoy the track “Your Dead Red Sweater”:

Free Bike Valet is presenting The Burning Of Rome‘s first January residency night at The Central this Tuesday along with Orange Umbrella and Armada. Come out for a free night of great music!


Orange Umbrella on Facebook, Orange Umbrella on Soundcloud, Orange Umbrella on YouTube

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