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"Golden" by Parade Of Lights

_w4a4420Drummer Anthony Improgo and vocalist/guitarist Ryan Daly originally met in 2006 to form the band Polus. The group went defunct after releasing one EP, but four years later fate reunited the two songwriters while on tour in Australia for separate bands. The artistic bromance rekindled and Parade Of Lights was born. Now a Silver Lake-based quartet, they claim supremo shoegazers My Bloody Valentine and spacial alt-rockers Failure as influences, but every one of their songs is an undeniable party anthem replete with blasts of synth-pop and electro rock (a la Youngbood Hawke‘s breakout hit “We Come Running“). This is the new direction of SoCal pop rock (and we love it). Parade Of Lights‘ second EP, Golden, drops today via Astralwerks. Here’s its title track:

Parade Of Lights will be touring in April with X Ambassadors.


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"Heartbreakers" by Rainbow Jackson (Premiere)

DSC_0454Rainbow Jackson has been busy. When they aren’t writing songs or tattooing each other at their communal home in Echo Park (previously shared with Vanaprasta), they’ve been playing every stage, parking lot, and hole in the wall throughout the city –or at least skating around it. Their raw guitar riffs allow them to blend in with the garage rock crowd, but lying beneath their denim vests is a heart for epic melodies. Their second EP, Perpetual Summer, will be released digitally on February 18th and via vinyl on March 5th by Kill/Hurt Records. Here’s its opening track “Heartbreakers” which shreds like a Southern rock ripper:

“You had me at, ‘Do you like Tom Petty?'”

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"Two Colours" Music Video By Legs

LegsHorizWest Oakland‘s Legs formed after Jeffrey Harland and Matt Bullimore met while exchanging Weezer bootlegs in a grocery store parking lot in early 2000. Over a decade and three additional band members later, the band is finally releasing their debut LP Pass The Ringo via local label Loglady Records.


The album is a hazy homage to jangle pop as evident by the music video for their first single “Two Colours.” Directed by Harland, the slow motion video focuses on co-vocalist Amelia Adams caught in a psychedelic daydream with smoke, confetti, and her bandmate’s performing ghosts:

Legs is currently on tour.


Legs on Facebook, Legs on Tumblr

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"A Fool, A Fall, A Foal" by Pancho-San

Pancho-San is the solo project of Patrick Abernathy (formerly of Beulah and Rogue Wave). The Berkeley denizen returns with his sophomore album Americans, which he claims is a slight departure from his folkier debut Oh, Mellow Melody. Now Aberbathy sprinkles each song with a buoyancy of pop with help from his old bandmates: Pat Spurgeon of Rogue Wave and Eli Crews of Beulah. The first single, “A Fool, A Fall, A Foal” is a bubbly jingle with a tint of surf rock that Isaac Brock may have written at one point if he lived 1,000 miles further south.

Pancho-San on Facebook, Pancho-San on Tumblr, Pancho-San on Bandcamp

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"South" by Boxviolet

The coed duo known as Boxviolet might be nomadic (Topanga Canyon to Brighton to Paris and back again) but their music maintains its moody grandeur like a reoccurring interpretive dream: sometimes epic, sometimes spooky, but always captivating. Best friends Margot Paige (vocals,guitar) and Luke Ehret (programming/guitar) are currently acting as “hermits” to work on their follow-up to 2010’s Audition EP with help from engineer John “Silas” Cranfield and mixer Mark Needham (The Killers). The leaked track “South” is classic Boxviolet: deep dark synths, crunching guitars, and Paige’s sexy hypnotic voice purring:

“I’d wish you kiss me on the mouth, or further south…”

Boxviolet on Facebook, Boxviolet on Twitter, Boxviolet on YouTube, Boxviolet on Bandcamp, Boxviolet on Soundcloud

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"They Run, They Hide" (Acoustic) Studio Video by Brolly

Nestled in the Sacramento Valley is a place called Yuba City. This modest town is often shrouded by a thick tule fog which can give a brisk sense of reverie, so maybe this is why the local rock quartet Brolly easily conjures such a tranquil sound. Their debut EP Home Hollow Road (available for download here) was released last July, but they decided to film themselves recording an acoustic version of a new single “They Run, They Hide” in a racquetball room at a local church. Echoing vocals, gentle percussion, flannel, deer antlers –this is the score for a NorCal winter twilight:

Brolly on Facebook, Brolly on Twitter, Brolly on YouTube, Brolly on Bandcamp, Brolly on Soundcloud

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