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“Cassandra” by Rainbow Jackson (Premiere)

Rainbow JAckson 1 - photo credit rachel roth
Our favorite party rockers, Rainbow Jackson, have returned with a new drummer (Brandon Hardy of QunQ and formerly of Future Ghost) and a new single, “Cassandra,” off their forthcoming third EP New Tattoo. The song is another feel-good anthem of their signature grit-pop melodies and was written as a flattering tribute to bassist Laith Khalaf’s co-worker at a shoe store.

“Give it all you got ’til you get to where you want to be.”

Tonight, Rainbow Jackson will continue their December residency at The Satellite.


Rainbow Jackson: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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Echo Park Rising (Show Pics, Day Three Vol. 2)

Rainbow JacksonEcho Park Rising returned for its fourth year.


And photog Dave Rosenblum was there to shoot Rainbow Jackson, The Buttertones, Dante Elephante, Darklands, Jackson Tanner, Green Gerry, Cal King, Gateway Drugs, Austin, and JD Bender on the third day.

Dave Rosenblum’s Official SiteDave Rosenblum on FacebookDave Rosenblum on TwitterDave Rosenblum on Instagram

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"Heartbreakers" by Rainbow Jackson (Premiere)

DSC_0454Rainbow Jackson has been busy. When they aren’t writing songs or tattooing each other at their communal home in Echo Park (previously shared with Vanaprasta), they’ve been playing every stage, parking lot, and hole in the wall throughout the city –or at least skating around it. Their raw guitar riffs allow them to blend in with the garage rock crowd, but lying beneath their denim vests is a heart for epic melodies. Their second EP, Perpetual Summer, will be released digitally on February 18th and via vinyl on March 5th by Kill/Hurt Records. Here’s its opening track “Heartbreakers” which shreds like a Southern rock ripper:

“You had me at, ‘Do you like Tom Petty?'”

Rainbow Jackson on FacebookRainbow Jackson on TwitterRainbow Jackson on InstagramRainbow Jackson on YouTubeRainbow Jackson on Bandcamp

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"Regret" Live Video by Levels

LEVELS press 2- Outdoor BandLevels is a young co-ed trio that met as teenagers in St. Petersburg, FL. Since then, they’ve fulfilled their own Manifest Destiny and settled in a rental house in Pomona that also serves as their studio in which they recorded their self-titled debut EP.

LEVELS press 1- Album Cover Art

With a sound that harkens to the early days of ’90s college radio rock (SugarThe Pixies), they make garage pop by dicing rough melodies and edgy harmonies in a blender. Watch them perform “Regrets” as filmed by director Adam Carr at their studio/house:

Levels will perform this Tuesday night at The Central for Rainbow Jackson‘s second residency night along with Burning Jet Black and Act As If.


Levels on Facebook, Levels on Twitter, Levels on YouTube

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"Onshore" by LA Font

LA Font - Philip GadrowLA Font is everywhere. They’re the guys that beat you to the thrift store and picked out all the good stuff. They’re the guys that crashed your boring neighbor’s house party and made it fun. But mostly, they’re the guys that played onstage at that one Echo Park dive bar you went to for someone’s birthday you barely knew. You said you’d only stay for a beer, but after watching the band spazz into a frenzy of garage pop rock, you got drunk, danced dirty, and licked someone’s face –then realized this is how every weeknight should be. LA Font‘s latest single is “Onshore”:

LA Font have a 7″ split with Missing Teen coming out in June on Near Mess Records. Their upcoming LP Diving Man was produced by Eric Palmquist (Night Riots, Bad Suns). Free Bike Valet is presenting their next show at The Central along with Rainbow JacksonHobart W. Fink, and John Wayne Bro. And it’s free!


LA Font on Facebook, LA Font on Twitter, LA Font on TumblrLA Font on Bandcamp, LA Font on Soundcloud

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"Scream White Noise" by Future Ghost

Unlike most of their band neighbors, Silver Lake‘s Future Ghost harks to the post-hardcore and fuzz rock era of the late 90’s: abrasive yet evocative, brash yet mesmeric, blaring yet enveloping. Their intenseness can be attributed to vocalist/guitarist Brandon Tomas battling a longtime drug addiction while they wrote/recorded their songs, and while Tomas is now sober, the band still carries an unapologetically loud striver edge that is always soothed by hypnotic harmonies.

Future Ghost‘s debut album, Missing Teen, was produced by Pete Lyman (No Age) at Infrasonic Sound Recording Co. and will be released in early 2013 on Infrasonic Records. But for now you can enjoy the leaked track “Scream White Noise”:

Future Ghost is currently recording a 7″ Split with LA Font. The record will be released as part of a series of splits put out by Near Mess Records and will include Wild Eyes, Wake Up LucidTS And The Past Haunts, HOTT MT, Gothic Tropic, Hindu Pirates, Vinyl Williams, and Rainbow Jackson.

Their next concert will be this Thursday at The Echo for The Dead Ships‘ homecoming after tour show along with Blonde Summer and Miner. You can purchase tickets here.


Future Ghost’s Official Site, Future Ghost on Facebook, Future Ghost on Twitter, Future Ghost on Instagram, Future Ghost on Bandcamp, Future Ghost on YouTube

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