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“Distortion” by J Sutta (Premiere)

J Sutta is a veteran popster originally from Miami who now enduringly calls Studio City home (which she claims “will be the coolest spot to hang in about twelve years”). Her new single, “Distortion,” is the second song leaked off her forthcoming debut album I SAY YES (Premier League Music). Produced by The Code and Danny Majic, the pop song is a solid pump-up bash built on pulsing synths, deep digi-beats, electro effects, and a very versatile voice.

“Feel the distortion cut through your veins.”

J Sutta: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Take My Hand” Music Video by Night Lights

Night Lights formed while college students in Boston but now they practice in North Hollywood. The band recently leaked a new single, “Take My Hand,” which is their most anthemic hit yet due to indie rock alacrity and dance-pop intentions via sharp guitar work, funky bass lines, twinkling synth accents, and a soaring melodic chorus.

“Let me take your hand so you know that you’re here.”

And here’s its music video which aptly captures the song’s message of struggling love.

Night Lights: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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Cheat Codes (Interview)

IMG_2215Around half a year ago, DJ/producers Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl and Kevin Ford set their destination by adopting the moniker Cheat Codes and releasing their pool party-ready, pop powerhouse single “Visions.” They’ve since collaborated with an indie pop prodigy (Lostboycrow) and saw their debut track go viral with a remix by Boehm.

But we had a feeling they’ve been holding back so we teamed up with photographer James Conley to shoot some pics in NoHo and ask Matt Russell some questions.

We love your moniker. Did you choose it because you’re video game junkies?

“No. Actually the name derives from Kevi’s brother. His brother Tom was in a rock band called Clear Static when he was younger and they found success and toured with Duran Duran. Before the band really blew up he took Kevi aside and told him he had found the “cheat code” and how getting anything you want in your life is really easy if you just have fun with it and visualize everything in detail. When the group came together we were looking for a name and Cheat Codes seemed like the perfect fit because we really embody the idea that anything is possible. To us the real “cheat code” to life is loving what you do and we hope to convey that energy through our music. When you love what you do, everything becomes easier.”


Do you consider yourself more as DJs who play instruments or musicians who DJ?

“DJs who play instruments for sure! Although we all come from different musical backgrounds and have experienced the musician side.”


How did you come to collaborate with Lostboycrow?

“The idea was brought to us through our management. Lostboycrow had just been on [the radio show] We Found New Music at the same time we were and we kind of connected through that.”


What can you tell us about your highly anticipated debut album?

“Right now we’re focusing on singles. We’re possibly working on a collaborative EP with the artist Boehm who we’ve worked with in the past.”

Cheat Codes: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“No Hard Feelings” (feat. King Deco) by ROOM8

room8When Ezra Reich and Nic Johns aren’t producing albums or scoring films, they’re collaborating as ROOM8. The project started in a NoHo studio when the duo began recruiting various vocalists to sing over their retro-inspired, synth pop dreamscapes of danceable digi-beats. Here’s the first leaked single, “No Hard Feelings” (featuring King Deco), off their forthcoming sophomore EP which also features Little Boots and Polina.

“I’ll only think of your bedroom once in a blue moon, never is way too soon.”

ROOM8: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Lost Again” Music Video by Quigley

Quigley-3-credit-Emily-WinikerQuigley returns by leaking another single, “Lost Again,” off her forthcoming debut EP Initium (dropping May 8th). The song begins with the Noho-based indie popster delicately singing over looping vocal staccatos which are soon joined by dope digi-beats and experimental effects. And instead of crescendoing the track into a predictable synth blast chorus, she keeps it eccentrically upbeat and chill.

“Come with me and you’ll never be lost again.”

And here’s its fantasy-inspired music video:

Quigley: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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“Letting In” by Beauville

Smiley indian bandBased out of NoHoBeauville is the new project spawned by singer-songwriter Josh Bovill. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a soft soul vox (à la G. Love & Special Sauce), he blends rootsy folk pop with thick digi-beats –courtesy of neo-soulster NoMBe acting as producer– for a very original and smooth fusion. Here’s his grooving debut single, “Letting In,” off his forthcoming debut EP:

Beauville will perform tomorrow (April 10th) at House of Blues Los Angeles.

House of Blues Poster

Beauville: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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"Post Post Apocalypse" by Quigley

Quigley-6-credit-Jordan-VothQuigley is a new popster who proudly produces her own tracks out of her NoHo bedroom. Her debut EP, Initium, will drop on May 8th but she already leaked the single “Post Post Apocalypse” built on experimental effects, rapid mini-beats, dreamy synths, and a sharp, shimmery vox:

“Everybody dance like it’s the post post-apocalypse.”

Quigley: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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"Melt In The Sun" Music Video by Camcorder

fisheye 1bDuring the summer of 2012, four dudes decided to form a band in an unventilated lock-out rehearsal space in Noho. After many sweat drips and fresh air breaks, they dubbed themselves Camcorder and wrote shoegaze-styled upbeat indie rock that they must have admired when they were younger. Their debut EP, Summer Kills, is a spacial, echoey, pop driven ode that lures with smoothing melodics then beckons to be cranked. Director Ben Pluimer recently created an enticing music video for their first single “Melt In The Sun.” Shot in the Arts District, it follows a lonely beautiful blonde (Caroline Macey) trying to fight boredom by smoking/crafting in her apartment or walking around the neighborhood and making out with strangers. But Pluimer told us the true meaning:

“At its core, it’s about a young artist not knowing who she is or what she wants.  Anyone who tries to create knows that it’s not always a healthy process.  I wanted the video to be something dreamy and sexy, but also a little dark. I wanted it to feel rough and raw with some beautiful moments in between.”

Camcorder on Facebook, Camcorder on Bandcamp, Camcorder on Soundcloud

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