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“Rdio Sessions” feat. Milo Greene

4-square-stripe.color_.web_L.A.’s beloved cinematic pop act, Milo Greene, recently performed for Rdio Sessions at Decibelle Studios in San Francisco. The stripped down set features three singles off their latest album, Control (Elektra/Chop Shop), as well as a superb cover of Phil Collins‘ “Take Me Home.” The result is an intimate experience of acoustic guitars, tight percussion, and ardent harmonies as if the band is performing in your own bedroom.

And here’s a live video of “Lie to Me” recorded during the sessions:

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"Lie To Me" by Milo Greene

Milo Greene - Pub 1 -Hartman_HarrisMilo Greene leaked another single, “Lie To Me,” off their sophomore LP CONTROL (dropping January 27th via Elektra/Chop Shop). The upbeat track continues the band’s surprising pivot from delicate indie rock to buoyant pop via digital drums and danceable rhythms –and the result is a refreshing joie de vivre:

And here’s its lyric video:

Milo Greene will tour this February and March.


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"White Lies" by Milo Greene

Milo Greene - Pub 1 -Hartman_HarrisMilo Greene returns by leaking the first single, “White Lies,” off their sophomore LP CONTROL (dropping January 27th via Elektra/Chop Shop). The track is a noticeable pivot from their previous album’s cinematic indie rock –perhaps due to recruiting Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Foster The People) as producer. Subtle synths, danceable rhythms, and Marlana Sheetz as lead vocalist is an impressive (and welcomed) pop transition:

And here’s the song’s lyric video.

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"San Francisco" by The Mowgli's

themowglis002highAfter growing up in The Valley, The Mowgli’s washed up on Venice Beach and became a roots pop rock collaborative fused together by a collective optimistic outlook and super sunny soul. The octet consists of three guitarist/vocalists, a bassist, a drummer, a keyboarder, a percussionist, and of course a female vocalist. Their folky wall-of-sound is a cross between a less depressed Milo Greene and a more serious Grouplove that manages to capture the energy and essence of the entire West Coast –from brisk fog to warm sand. Their EP Love’s Not Dead was recently released on Photo Finish/Island Records and its first single, “San Francisco,” is currently being played at San Francisco Giants‘ games. Check out its animated lyric video here:

The Mowgli’s will perform at Dakota Lounge  this Friday night along with The Diamond Light. You can purchase tickets here.


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"Hey Love" Music Video by Miner

Justin Miner claims he had a breakdown in which he dissolved his band Fight From Above, traveled north to the redwoods, then south to Central America, bought a tambourine and banjo, listened to nothing but Neil Young and read nothing but Kerouac. Upon his return to Silver Lake, he formed a new band by recruiting two longtime friends, his wife, his brother, and his cousin and aptly named them Miner. Together they make delicate pop folk rock that evokes heartfelt earnestness by accessing the folk elements (mandolin, harmonica, banjo). But unlike their neighbors and genre peers (Milo Greene, The Ross Sea Party, The New Limb) Miner isn’t afraid to get a little rowdy by stomping and clapping which brings their sound to a whole new level of grandeur fun. See for yourself in the music video for “Hey Love” which was shot at the Salton Sea and directed by their bassist Justin Krook:

Miner released an EP entitled Hey Love but is only available at shows. You can catch them performing next at The Echo this Thursday for The Dead Ships‘ welcome back show along with Blonde Summer and Future Ghosts. You can purchase tickets here.

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"Refugees" by The New Limb

A new band dynamic has arisen in Silver Lake. Instead of just being a back-up for some frontman, bands are now made of multiple songwriters that collaborate and switch instruments to arrange an enveloping wall of sound. Frequent group vocals are used for lush harmonies. And there is always a token girl.

Milo Greene has taken this delicate pop rock to the mainstream. The Ross Sea Party will be next with their superb new album Hotel Pool. And rising up is the Costa Mesa (now Silver Lake, of course) quintet The New Limb. They might be newer to the scene, but their spotlight is already overdue. Currently working on a second album with producers Nolan Sipe and Ryan Peterse, the group continues to create melodically driven rhythms and encompassing choruses that make each song a whirlwind of aural bliss. Here’s the leaked track “Refugees”:

The New Limb will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Go West Young Man, The Shade, and Western Scene. And it’s FREE!

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"Surface" by Opus Orange

Santa Monica denizen Paul “PB” Bessenbacher is a commercial composer for Emoto Music by day, but by night the multi-instrumentalist is the headmaster for the indie pop rock act Opus Orange. Since 2009, the band has released three EPs, collaborated with Eleni Mandell, and had their songs featured in an Apple iPhone commercial and episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Originally a mostly acoustic coed duo, the group has grown to a quintet but that has only enhanced the band’s ability to craft infectious pop melodies. Upbeat and radiant, Opus Orange’s latest EP Surface was released today. Synths, casio beats, and harmonies litter the tracks and the result conjures a more digital The Shins or a more acoustic The Postal Service. Here’s the EP’s title track:

Opus Orange‘s EP release party will be sponsored tonight by Emoto Music and Soundwell at The Central along with The Ross Sea Party, The Mid-Cities, and The Dead Ships.

Opus Orange’s Official Site, Opus Orange on Facebook, Opus Orange on Twitter, Opus Orange on Bandcamp, Opus Orange on Soundcloud

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