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"Unusual Love" by The Echo And The Sound

The Echo and The Sound PRESS SHOTThe Echo And The Sound are a blues-punk duo that sound like a desert cantina house band forced to play in order to pay off their tequila tab. But actually, the two guys (guitarist/vocalist Brian Rich and drummer Douglas Jewell) bombard their music with unapologetic grit at local dive venues around Echo Park. Their self-titled debut EP was released earlier this year and recorded on analog by Mark Rains at Station House Studio. Here’s “Unusual Love”:

The Echo and The Sound: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandcampSoundcloud

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"Future" by the black and the white

IMG_4928_edit_step2_b_onlineFormer As Tall As Lions members Julio Tavarez (vocals/guitar) and Cliff Sarcona (drums) are now the black and the white. Practicing out of Silver Lake, the duo has been busy with producer Justin Kaupp on recording their debut EP to be released this spring. In the band’s bio, Tavarez says:

“I love music that physically moves me, music that makes me want to get out of my chair.”

And with this new project, he’ll certainly succeed. So far, the band has leaked the single “Future” which can’t decide if it’s mostly electro-rock or dance pop –but it nails both with an infectious chorus:

“I don’t want to live in the future,
I don’t want to live in decline,
I just want to live forever,
and leave it all behind.”

All this time, Tavarez has just wanted to make people move… and now he will:

And here’s a teaser montage video created by Meritime in case you need visuals to help you dance:

Free Bike Valet is presenting the black and the white‘s second residency show at The Central this Tuesday, March 12th. Also performing is Kid Cadaver, The Mercy Beat, and M.O.O.N. Come out, it’s free!


the black and the white’s Official Sitethe black and the white Facebookthe black and the white on Twitterthe black and the white on YouTubethe black and the white on Instagramthe black and the white on Bandcampthe black and the white on Soundcloud

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"Listening" by Western Scene

Western Scene describe themselves as “two hombres who met at a cactus and cut it down for some tacos.” But it wasn’t that simple. Jason Burkhart met Tom Pritchard when he was in a San Diego band called Dynamite Walls and soon after became their manager. When that band broke up, Burkhart and Pritchard built a studio in Echo Park and began creating music together. With a foundation in indie rock, the man-duo delivers a sound that has the uncanny ability to strike heavy yet quickly sweep away with melodic soars.

Western Scene is currently working on their debut album with producer Hugo Nicolson (Radiohead, Primal Scream) which will include performances by John Hischke and Dan Elkan from Broken Bells. It should be released early next year, but for now here’s the leaked track “Listening”:

Western Scene will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Go West Young ManThe New Limb, and The Shade. And it’s FREE!

Western Scene’s Official Site,  Western Scene on Facebook, Western Scene on TwitterWestern Scene on YouTubeWestern Scene on Soundcloud

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"Gold" by Gangi

Gangi makes dreamy indie-rock pop that conjures jovial sun-drenched afternoons spent wandering about with a bit of existentialism on the mind. Founded by Matt Gangi in Brooklyn, Gangi turned into a duo after moving to Glendale and recruiting multi-instrumentalist Eric Chramosta. Together they roam yard sales and estate auctions for old analogue electronics to “fix and repurpose components from” for their recording studio and record label: Office Of Analogue And Digital. They also like to reference time travel and space journeys, but don’t let them confuse you and just obey the chorus of their new single “Gold”:

“You’ve got to put your hands up!”

Gangi‘s second album Gesture Is (Office Of Analogue And Digital) will be released on October 2nd.

They will be performing at The Central on Monday, October 1st with Adventure Galley and June Humor.


Find out how to win tickets by following our Twitter @FreeBikeValet.

Gangi’s Official Site, Gangi on Facebook, Gangi on Twitter, Gangi on Soundcloud, Office Of Analogue and Digital

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"You Were Young" by The Dead Ships

Television production houses never truly close. Open throughout the night with graveyard shifts, they can be dark lonely places. Maybe that’s why coworkers Devlin McCluskey and Christopher Spindelilus bonded during a twilight smoke break and decided to start a band called The Dead Ships. The result of their guitar (McCluskey) and drums (Spindelilus) only combo is a raw barrage of garage rock splattered with sweaty blues roots and rugged pop melodies. Their debut LP entitled Electric Ahab was recorded live with only two takes to two-inch tapes (“100% analogue”) by Donny Newenhouse (Film School) at Center of the Mile in San Francisco; and the natural energy is evident. Check out the lively track “You Were Young”:

The Dead Ships hosted the September residency at The Central, but they return this Tuesday to support The Ross Sea Party along with The Mid Cities and Opus Orange.

The Dead Ships’ Official Site, The Dead Ships on Facebook, The Dead Ships on Twitter, The Dead Ships on Bandcamp, The Dead Ships on Soundcloud

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"The Bloom And The Blight" album trailer by Two Gallants

It’s been long, far too long… five years to be exact since San Francisco‘s bearded man-duo known as Two Gallants have blessed us with another album of gritty rock filled with gold rush nostalgia and eerie tales. No longer on their traditional Omaha-based record label Saddle Creek, the band switched to Dave Matthew‘s ATO for their fourth album –which could mean the band is destined for a larger audience (see: Alabama Shakes). In order to make everyone’s neck hair stand up they released an album trailer (directed by Samuel Russell) cut with spooky footage of them performing on a San Fran Bay ferry cutting through the fog at night, concerts in dark sweaty clubs, and typical backstage antics. The songs hint that the electric guitar might be more dominant in a grunge roots kind of way, but these recently come-of-age men still know how to keep an acoustic melody (that is, when they’re not thrashing their instruments).

The Bloom And The Blight was produced  John Congleton (The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, St. Vincent) at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA and will be released on September 4th. Preview or download the single “Broken Eyes” now via RCRD LBL.

Two Gallants’ Official Site, Two Gallants on Facebook, Two Gallants on Twitter, ATO Records

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