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“Sweetheart” by Ren Farren

Ren Farren Press Pic
Ren Farren is a Malibu-raised popster (and occasional Goldroom collaborator) who recently leaked her new single “Sweetheart.” Produced by Brian Robert Jones (of Carlton), the song blatantly focuses on Farren’s infatuation with throwback bubblegum-pop via danceable digi-beats and shimmery synths which blast sharp bursts of brilliant glee (despite the not-so-cheery lyrics).

“Oh what a curse, to be young and in love.”

Ren Farren: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“My Body My Bones” Music Video by Jim and Sam

JimAndSam_PressPhoto_byLasse-Mårtén_1200pxAfter recording at Puk Studios in Denmark with producer Lasse Mårtén (Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John), Jim and Sam have returned by leaking their debut single “My Body My Bones.” The song opens with gentle guitar picks, an underlying pedal steel, soothing voices, and an eerie chorus as if coming from a ghost town. But gradually, the tranquil track rises to a steady trot before abruptly vanishing like an apparition in a desert dawn.

“My body, my bones, you got me by the spine.”

And here’s its aptly surreal B&W music video directed by Petra Mårtén and shot at Point Dume.

Jim and Sam will perform at The Troubadour on May 8th.


Jim and Sam: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“The Ocean and The Sea” by Bird Dog (Premiere)

View More: http://nilesgreyphotography.pass.us/birddogphotosIn the Spring of 2014, the band known as Bird Dog retreated to a house in the heart of Latigo Canyon to collaborate with producer James McAllister (Sufjan Stevens, Ivan and Alyosh). Three weeks later, the four young men emerged with their debut LP which was aptly entitled Hello Latigo. Inspired by “the canyon’s crisp mornings, misty days, and clear evenings” and evoking “hometown sunsets, new coastal adventures, and late nights spent creating music,” the Malibu-based act splendidly channeled the natural, pristine ambience they felt through enveloping harmonies which break into melodic folk rock rumbles. Here’s the forthcoming album’s debut single “The Ocean and The Sea”:

“Come light the day, oh sun, start to wake my eyes.”

Bird Dog will perform at Hotel Cafe on May 1st.

View More: http://nilesgreyphotography.pass.us/birddogphotos

Bird Dog: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSoundcloud

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"When I Go Away" by The Dead Ships

Levon Helm was a renowned musician during the 70’s/80’s and most famed as the drummer for The Band. This past April he died due to a long battle with cancer. Shortly after, The Mint hosted a tribute concert for Helm entitled “An L.A. Ramble for Levon” which benefited Rocking Out Cancer and featured The Muddy Reds, The Dustbowl Revival, The Driftwood Singers, and The Dead Ships all performing covers of Helm’s songs. The show inspired The Dead Ships to add a full-time bass player (Alex Moore) and recorded some of the cover songs at a studio in Malibu. Here’s “When I Go Away”:

The garage blues-rock man-duo (now trio) is finally coming home to Echo Park after a five week tour. Free Bike Valet had the chance to interview Devlin McCluskey (vocals/guitar) and Christopher Spindelilus (drums) about the journey:

What were some of the highlights of the tour?


“Being surprised by small cities/local scenes is my favorite part.  After a month in a van that smells like sweaty man-scrotum, driving hours with no sleep to play a weeknight show in a city you only recognize from Civil War source books or civil rights footage, it’s revitalizing to find that local hip kids are hell bent on having a good time almost everywhere. Winston-Salem in particular was eye-opening; we played to a packed underground venue on a Tuesday night. The folks came out to have a good time and rock out.”


“The entire tour went above and beyond our expectations. The short leg with Two Gallants and Papa was one of the best experiences for TDS so far. Amazing venues and they have rabid fans that drive for hours to see them. And in the Midwest, people actually go out to see the entire show, so we had plenty of new people hear us.”

How many dates did you open for Two Gallants?


“Five nights around the Midwest: Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Iowa City and Omaha. I think everyone wished we were able to do more. They’re great live, their new album is epic, and there was alot of time to hang out with them. Such good people. I hope we can do it again.”

And you played the CMJ Music Marathon?


“This was our second year playing CMJ and it’s a great festival. We played an ORG showcase at Fontana’s with Yellow Red Sparks as well as The Audio Perv showcase with bands like Sea Wolf, Jjamz, Filligar, and The Tontons.”

Any troubles occur?


“In Toronto our friend recommended that we park our van in a lot patrolled by an 85 year-old holocaust survivor security guard.  He was a nice guy, told us stories about spiv-ing after WWII, but he must have clocked out the second we walked around the corner because half an hour later we returned to find our van window smashed and all of our stuff strewn about the car.  They only took our pedal bags (which honestly that alone wouldve bankrupted the tour) but hidden in the shadows about ten yards away we found everything in tact.”


“The entire tour was fun. Getting the van broken into in Toronto was a total buzzkill but fortunately homeless people dont care much about equipment and only want money. Thank goodness we never have any of that stuff.”

The Dead Ships‘ welcome home concert is this Thursday at The Echo and also includes Blonde Summer, Future Ghost, and Miner. You may purchase the tickets here.

The Dead Ships’ Official SiteThe Dead Ships on FacebookThe Dead Ships on TwitterThe Dead Ships on BandcampThe Dead Ships on Soundcloud

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