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Molly Marlette (Interview)

Molly Marlette is a former “show-biz kid” who is now a vibrant popster with a captivating new single: “Do Me A Favor.” Photog Anna Maria Lopez recently hung out with her to ask some questions and shoot some fun pics.

You’ve lived in Hollywood your whole life. How has the neighborhood changed over the years?

“I have a somewhat delusional view of Los Angeles so it’s hard for me to say. I pretend the sign on the hill still says ‘Hollywoodland.’ It’s like, to me L.A. is still the place where people go to dream. You know? Where stars are born. I’ll walk past the Chase Bank parking lot across from Chateau Marmont and picture the old Garden of Allah Hotel that used to be there with Charlie Chaplin and William Faulkner hanging out.”

You’ve been a trained tap dancer since childhood. Do you ever incorporate this into your live shows?

“I have actually! We put a mic in a box that I stood on and I looped some things. I also did for the intro of ‘Cause for Concern’ on my last album.”

You have a very fun aesthetic filled with color. Where does your inspiration for this come from?

“My inspiration comes from old MGM musicals, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, and also David Bowie. I would love to work with someone who aspires to be the next Edith Head.”

Your pet Pomeranian, Theodore, is rather famous for his aqua blue fur. How did he end up this way?

“Theodore is groomed by the fabulous Jess Rona. I had seen her work before and told her to do whatever inspired her. He’s actually pink now! It’s completely organic, non-toxic, vegan, and pet-friendly.”

Your latest single, “Do Me A Favor,” is a synth-laden pop blast and a departure from your debut album The Robber and the Boy. What inspired your new sound?

“I’ve always wanted to do something like that and it felt right at the time. I grew up listening to [George] Gershwin and [Henry] Mancini and those are my biggest influences in terms of writing. But I remember when I was twelve getting a Happy Meal from McDonald’s that had a little MP3 player with ‘Stronger’ by Britney Spears. I think they were called HitClips. My twelve-year-old mind was blown. I remember being really confused because I wanted to do something like that but it didn’t fit in my Judy Garland box of goals. More recently I decided to mix them.”

Your music video for “Do Me A Favor” shot scenes at Vincent Lamouroux’s “Projection” installation, the “Bates Motel,” in Silver Lake. How did this come about?

“I was driving by on Sunset [Boulevard] and I saw this completely whitewashed motel –the palm trees and the sign and everything– and I knew that had to be the location. It was perfect. We got permission from the artist and the gallery but I still had to climb the fence in a white mini skirt to get in.”

What can you tell us about your forthcoming album?

“I’m working on more music. It won’t be too long this time.”

Anna Maria Lopez: Website, Facebook, Instagram

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Cocovan (Interview)

We recently became obsessed with the glam popstress Cocovan and her femme-pop anthem “Mirage of Us.” And we wanted to know more about the repetitive LA transplant, so we interviewed her as photographer Kristin Cofer shot some pics.

You’re a native Parisian, but you love to spend time in LA. What keeps bringing you back?

“I like Paris a lot, but like every place it can get repetitive and I like the major contrast that LA can provide. The two cities are very different yet complementary. The first time I came here was ten years ago and I’ve been coming back every time I need a little sunshine, palm tree, and a kale smoothie.”


Do you believe what city you’re in affects your music?

“Absolutely. I love absorbing the aesthetics of a city and its musical background. And it definitely taints my work musically and visually. The part of LA that inspires me the most is Hollywood, the David Lynch atmosphere, as well as the ’80s neons and vintage cars in a glorious sunset.”

What’s the biggest difference between the music scene in LA versus Paris?

“The LA music scene is more active than the Paris one at the moment. There have been a lot of interesting scenes in Paris at different periods but I feel like right now is a down moment. LA is where it’s happening right now. All of my New York musician friends moved here too.”

Your latest single, “Mirage of Us,” is a retro-pop power hit. What influenced its creation?

“I was craving organic sounds and groove so I exclusively listened to ’70s and ’80s jams for months: Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Shalamar, the Bee Gees. And I started adding more reverb everywhere in my music. I guess that’s how the overall sound for the song happened but I wasn’t over thinking it much.”


You also produced the song yourself. Was this really challenging?

“It was definitely a bit challenging even though I’ve actually been into producing for a while. My approach to producing is more old school –more spending a lot of time perfecting every sound. I feel like that’s not always the case anymore nowadays. My ex-boyfriend is a music producer and guitarist and he is the one that got me into it. I use Ableton mostly, a zillion plug-ins, and some analog synths depending on what I have at hand or where I’m recording.”

What can you tell us about your next single, “Chic,” and its music video?

“‘Chic’ is my favorite song I’ve ever done. It is really optimistic and fun and empowering. It is about letting go of your bad past relationships and being confident that you’re going to meet the right person one day. My friends and our broken hearts inspired the song. I shot the music video in London. I directed it and had the best team of friends to help me make it come to life.”

What can you tell us about your forthcoming EP?

“The EP is still untitled for now and I think it will come out in the beginning of next year. The general vibe is definitely positive and hopeful. It has a smooth and dreamy vibe to it yet a lot of strength I think. And slap bass.”


What do you hope to achieve while you’re still in LA?

“Well… to get my driver’s license.”

Kristin Cofer: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr

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