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Outside Lands (Portraits)

Photographer Matt Benton recently attended Outside Lands.


And shot portraits of some artists.

Matt Benton: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Cathedrals, Empires, LANY (Show Pics)

Cathedrals- Kelsey Heng-13Cathedrals, Empires, and LANY recently performed at The Echo for Popshop West.


And photog Kelsey Heng was there to shoot the show.

Kelsey Heng: Website, Twitter

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"Bad, Bad, Bad" by LANY

IMG_0415EXPUP_WEBNo longer an enigma, LANY has finally revealed their names and faces. Paul Klein, Les Priest, and Jake Goss have been busy writing songs in their one-bedroom Hollywood apartment and by leaking the buoyant neo-pop track “Bad Bad Bad,” they fuel the buzz for their highly anticipated forthcoming EP:

“Let’s find a cheap motel and stay a couple nights.”

LANY will perform at The Sayers Club on February 3rd.

TSC_Lany_020315 Sayers

LANY: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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"Made in Hollywood" by LANY

LANY_FINALElusive trio LANY returns with another stellar leaked track, “Made in Hollywood,” that is lyrically an apparent reflection on their recent move from Nashville to Los Angeles. Unlike their previously released material, this song is less neo-R&B and more smooth synthpop (thus enhancing the anticipation for their forthcoming EP later this year).

“Young love, West Coast.”

LANY’s Official SiteLANY on FacebookLANY on TwitterLANY on InstagramLANY on Soundcloud

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LANY_FINALLANY is a trio of young dudes making neo-R&B pop with smooth synths, digi-beats, and slick vocals –almost an XY version of MUNA. They recently transplanted to our City of Angels and have shied from revealing any additional details. But for now, here’s their latest arresting single “ILYSB”:

“And ya need to know that I’m hella obsessed with your face…”

LANY’s Official SiteLANY on FacebookLANY on TwitterLANY on InstagramLANY on Soundcloud

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