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“No One’s Listening” by KADET (Premiere)

Don’t call them a supergroup, but KADET is the new project by Grace Kelly, Frankie Siragusa, Kenzo Cardenas (of Kid Cadaver and Bedbugs), and Mihran Saroghlanian. The band spawned when the four talented friends decided to record eight tracks on an eight-track reel-to-reel tape in Cardenas’ parents’ garage in Reseda. The result is their forthcoming self-titled debut EP chock full with spastic garage rawk laced by melodic lo-fi bop and buoyant surf pop such as their first leaked single “No One’s Listening.”

“No one has to know all the things I did last night.”

Kadet: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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Kid Cadaver (Interview)

Kid Cadaver recently released their third EP, Roam, which continues their signature formula of danceable, frolicsome indie rock pop with edgy effects –but this time there’s also an underlying sense of energetic confidence. We wanted to know more about the album so photographer Christian Bourdeau met up with the trio in the Arts District to shoot some pics while we asked frontman Ray Venta some questions.

Where does the title of your new EP, Roam, come from?

“In the song ‘Claws’ there is a line that says ‘We’ve been roaming around on it haven’t we?’ which is meant to mean ‘We’ve been exploring this issue exhaustively.’ Naming things is the hardest part of releasing music for some reason. It’s bizarre! We write the songs and then the album is complete and we have almost no titles. We should start asking our fans.”


What is the EP’s overall theme?

“I think Kid Cadaver‘s lyrical themes have been consistently about being confused in life. I hadn’t noticed until I just started trying to think about it. There are love songs and there are other kinds of songs but that ambivalence factor is usually present.”


How is this EP different from your last?

“We decided to back the effects down quite a bit. Just letting the song breath more and be heard more clearly. We love drowning things in effects but I think we just wanted to try to really let the songs shine through this time around.”


You recorded at theLAB Studios with producer Frankie Siragusa again. What made you return?

“Frankie is amazing. He consistently does excellent work. Ask anyone who he’s recorded. We’ve known him for years now and is really one of our best friends at this point. It was a no brainer decision.”


The album art is rad. Who made it and how does it represent the album?

“We had this great album cover made by local L.A. artist Rebecca Ramirez –who did the cover piece on our self-titled EP as well– but when we got it we were so blown away that we felt like we had to write the album that is represented by that cover fresh –with the cover in mind. We ended up shelving that artwork for our next release and getting Frankie, Rebecca, and myself in a room together twelve hours before the deadline for the cover and staying up til 3:00 AM making sure we had something. The text is Rebecca’s handwriting, the flower mountain was my idea with Rebecca’s influence, and Frankie added the final touches. We love how it turned out.”


Your music video for “New Friends” is hilariously fun. How did you recruit the people for the teams?

“Oh, that video was so fun. It’s crazy. Frankie somehow escaped the video but Grace Kelly and Fil Thorpe-Evans from the U.K. band Neck Deep made cameos. It was awesome. The rest of the cast was gathered by a fan turned friend named Ari. She’s awesome.”


What can we expect from you next?

“Expect a music video for the new single ‘Keep Well’ soon. We’re also hoping to hit the East Coast by the end of this year, then the West Coast again the beginning of next year. Another release will probably happen early next year as well. We’ll see how many songs we wanna put out. And shows in L.A. of course.”

Kid Cadaver continues their October residency tonight (October 12th) at the Bootleg Theater.


Christian Bourdeau: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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“Keep Well” by Kid Cadaver

unnamed (1)Kid Cadaver returns by leaking another single, “Keep Well,” off their forthcoming third EP, Roam, dropping August 21st. The track continues the Valley-native trio’s signature formula of danceable, frolicsome indie rock pop with edgy effects but this time there’s also an underlying sense of energetic confidence.

“I shiver less when we hold.”

Kid Cadaver will perform on August 25th at The Satellite.


Kid Cadaver: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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"New Friends" by Kid Cadaver

IMG_0004Kid Cadaver finally returns by leaking the first track, “New Friends,” off their forthcoming third EP. The song was well worth the wait as the Valley trio reliably delivers another catchy earworm of pop effects, melodic hooks, and gang vocals. We believe the next Foster the People has arrived.

“I’m only human.”

Kid Cadaver: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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