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"Offer" Music Video by Together Pangea

1386627538Reckling_Pangea_2AIf you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be in a garage band full of skate-rats from Newhall, you can thank Lonely Highways for creating the music video for Together Pangea‘s “Offer.” Shot completely on tour, the video shows antic adventures fueled by youthful carefree fun via an endless cycle of traveling, performing, and (of course) partying with booze, blunts, burritos, and bra-less girls (not necessarily in that order). The song is the first single off the band’s third album Badillac (Harvest Records) and harks back to early ’90s college radio (i.e. Husker Du) when certain pop rock bands openly embraced their punk roots.


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"You Were Young" by The Dead Ships

Television production houses never truly close. Open throughout the night with graveyard shifts, they can be dark lonely places. Maybe that’s why coworkers Devlin McCluskey and Christopher Spindelilus bonded during a twilight smoke break and decided to start a band called The Dead Ships. The result of their guitar (McCluskey) and drums (Spindelilus) only combo is a raw barrage of garage rock splattered with sweaty blues roots and rugged pop melodies. Their debut LP entitled Electric Ahab was recorded live with only two takes to two-inch tapes (“100% analogue”) by Donny Newenhouse (Film School) at Center of the Mile in San Francisco; and the natural energy is evident. Check out the lively track “You Were Young”:

The Dead Ships hosted the September residency at The Central, but they return this Tuesday to support The Ross Sea Party along with The Mid Cities and Opus Orange.

The Dead Ships’ Official Site, The Dead Ships on Facebook, The Dead Ships on Twitter, The Dead Ships on Bandcamp, The Dead Ships on Soundcloud

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"Warm Side" by Bodhi

After three years of living in Portland, the garage rock trio known as Bodhi finally grew tired of the rain and wisely moved south. Now living in Hollywood, the band continues to make surf rock noir fitted for a vintage horror film set on the beach at night. Guitarist/vocalist Brian Carr’s talk-voice style can be shockingly attentive after a few spins (even when he screams), like he’s narrating a slumber party ghost story. And while the band’s moniker may not be referencing Patrick Swayze’s infamous character in Point Break, we still like to pretend it is. Currently working on their second album, the band released the retro-punk “Warm Side” as a teaser:

Bodhi on Bandcamp, Bodhi on Facebook, Bodhi on Tumblr, Bodhi on Soundcloud

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