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Sympathetic Frequencies (Interview)

Sympathetic Frequencies has evolved into a solid, melodic indie rock act via sharp pedal effects, thick driving rhythms, and a very passionate edge. We believe they’re on the rise and wanted to know more about the band so we interviewed frontman Trevor O’Neill while photographer Mallory Turner shot some portraits.

Is there a story behind your moniker?

“Our name comes from the harmonic phenomenon known as sympathetic resonance where the vibrations of one object cause another object to vibrate. You’ve probably seen this happen when your stereo is cranked and something in the room starts to vibrate with certain tones. I always feel like I’m doing a Bill Nye impression when I talk about this. I came across this concept years ago when I was super into jazz and it always felt kind of magical to me. I love the idea of putting a sound out in the world and letting it resonate with everything that it comes in contact with. Plus it fit my habit of giving my bands unnecessarily long names.”


You worked on your forthcoming sophomore EP with producer Eric Palmquist. How did you recruit him?

“We met Eric through a label that we worked with briefly. They brought him out to a show we played at The Satellite last year and he liked what we were doing. We had a couple of meetings and decided to work together and we are all so glad we did. Eric really dove in with us and helped us tear apart our tunes to get to the core of what we wanted to be as a band. His studio has an incredible vibe. It’s the kind of place where the outside world just falls away and you can really focus on the music. It can be hard to find that when you’re recording in your home town with all the distractions of real life. He’s just amazing all around and we are hoping to be back in his studio very soon.”


How do you think your sound has evolved?

“This band has changed a ton since we first got together. It began as my solo project at a time when I was pretty unsure of what exactly I wanted to do. I was experimenting with a lot of electronic elements, trying to figure out where my main instrument fit in with the music I was making, and learning to sing on the fly at that point. We went through quite a few band members in the early days but once our lineup solidified we were really able to hone what we were doing. We spent a lot of time just playing together, the four of us, in a room trying things and taking risks. A lot of things we tried didn’t work but the things that did helped us reach a really clear vision of what our music is. That process also just helped us get to know each other’s playing and figure out how our parts can work together to best serve the song. Overall we feel so much more focused now and it has really lifted our writing to a new level that we are all super excited about.”


What can we expect from you next?

“We are booking some local dates in the next couple months to try out some of the new tunes on stage before we record them. The new EP will be out this summer. We are also in pre-production right now for a video for our most recent single “Wake Up.” We made our first video, “Wasteland,” ourselves with the help of some super talented friends. We loved the process so much so we’ve decided to make this one too. It’s looking super cool so far so keep an eye out for it.”

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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“Like A Ghost” Music Video by DRÆMINGS

DRÆMINGS is the enigmatic project and artistic persona of Kimi Recor. In true auteur fashion, she swirls a myriad of emotions, brooding synths, and throwback digi-beats into a dark pop vortex of sonics. The result is melodically mesmerizing. Here’s her latest single, “Like A Ghost,” off her forthcoming album The Eternal Lonesome (Sumerian Records).

“I’m passing through you…”

And here’s its aptly psychedelic music video:

We wanted to know more about the ethereal songstress, so we recently interviewed her as photographer Kristin Cofer shot some pics.


Is it really true that you were once a teenage gangster rapper?

“I may or may not have been in a all girl gangster rap band called No Condom Whatever. We made our beats in GarageBand v1.0 and dressed like Courtney Love meets Too $hort. We were definitely all bleach blond and drunk 100% of the time. It was $hort lived, but legendary.”


Is there a story behind the origin of your moniker?

“I went through a really crazy heartbreaker of a breakup and the only thing that gave me any relief was music and my dreams. During the worst of it, I spent an entire weekend writing five songs which became my first EP demo. I wanted my project to reflect all my dreams –both those I created while awake and those that came to me while I was sleeping. For some reason the word DRÆMINGS felt like it encompassed all my dreams, hopes, nightmares, and disappointments.”


Are you still involved in any side projects?

“I never quit anything, I just go on hiatus. I’m still writing with Black Flamingo. Tete and Bleach Egg are still out there as well. Whitney, my partner in Bleach Egg, and I got really crazy busy with our own projects last year but we still have an EP full of unreleased songs. I always want to collaborate and create with people. Right now I’m working on dance songs with my friend Ed aka UFO!. He is a goddamn genius and we have so much fun.”


You were recently signed by the metal label Sumerian Records. What makes your music is so universally appealing?

“I’ve always been really attracted to unconventional methods. When Ash [Avildsen], the owner of Sumerian, approached me about working with me, I was really attracted to how excited he was about music. Sumerian is definitely not known for alt-pop acts and they’ve never really had a girl artist so it felt like it could be a cool adventure to go on. And so far it has been!


What can you tell us about your forthcoming album The Eternal Lonesome?

“I made this album with Eric Palmquist at Palmquist Studios in Alhambra. It is a true labor of love. Eric and I researched and listened to so many influential artists spanning from Ace of Base to My Bloody Valentine and spent a lot of time creating a sound library to draw from. It was such a luxury to be able to spend so much time perfecting each thing. I’m so used to DIYing and pulling things together in a really hurried fashion that it was such a different experience. These songs definitely represent a big chapter in my life and I’m glad I got to chronicle them with such a great producer. It’s a heavy, dark, and dreamy album with a lot of hooks. Look for it late Spring or early Summer 2016 via Sumerian Records.”

DRÆMINGS will perform on January 17th at The Echo for FOMO Fest.


DRÆMINGS: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud

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“A Warning” by The Slightlys (Premiere)

Finneas O’Connell, Darius Dudley, David Marinelli, and Robby Fitzpatrick first met each other while performing in separate acts at a battle of the bands. None of their bands won, but they did reconvene as The Slightlys. Based in Highland Park, the teenagers now make an upbeat vibe of bluesy grooves and funky riffs that they dub as “pop ‘n’ roll.” Here’s their latest leaked single, “A Warning,” off their forthcoming debut EP, Go-Getter, which was produced by Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Night Riots, HUNNY).

“Now the voice in my head just ignores me.”

The Slightlys will perform on January 14th at AMPLYFi.

The Slightlys: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Gimme A Break” by NEKOKAT

NEKOKATProducer Eric Palmquist’s studio is an astounding place where bands always create their best work (see Night Riots, Bad Suns). And it was here that Jordan W (aka The Ready Set), Cameron Walker, and Jess Bowen (of The Summer Set) came together as NEKOKAT. Besides a dope moniker, the Hollywood-based trio also have a forthcoming debut EP, Communication (Washington Square/Razor & Tie), with the first single being the infectiously vibrant indie pop track “Gimme A Break.”

“Tell me why you’re trying to fool yourself…”

NEKOKAT: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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"Onshore" by LA Font

LA Font - Philip GadrowLA Font is everywhere. They’re the guys that beat you to the thrift store and picked out all the good stuff. They’re the guys that crashed your boring neighbor’s house party and made it fun. But mostly, they’re the guys that played onstage at that one Echo Park dive bar you went to for someone’s birthday you barely knew. You said you’d only stay for a beer, but after watching the band spazz into a frenzy of garage pop rock, you got drunk, danced dirty, and licked someone’s face –then realized this is how every weeknight should be. LA Font‘s latest single is “Onshore”:

LA Font have a 7″ split with Missing Teen coming out in June on Near Mess Records. Their upcoming LP Diving Man was produced by Eric Palmquist (Night Riots, Bad Suns). Free Bike Valet is presenting their next show at The Central along with Rainbow JacksonHobart W. Fink, and John Wayne Bro. And it’s free!


LA Font on Facebook, LA Font on Twitter, LA Font on TumblrLA Font on Bandcamp, LA Font on Soundcloud

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