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Summer Twins booked for November residency at The Echoplex

Summer Twins has been booked for the November residency at The Echoplex.


So Free Bike Valet and photographer Sheva Kafai visited the Brown (not-actually-twin) sisters at their Highland Park home to shoot some 120mm pics and ask Chelsea some questions.


What made you decide to do a residency?

“We have a new album that came out October 2nd on Burger Records called Limbo and we thought we’d do something special to celebrate. The residency is pretty much just an excuse to throw four separate parties with all our favorite bands, friends, and fans. We have lots of fun stuff planned and aim to make each night an experience beyond what you’d expect from a typical show.”


Why did you choose The Echoplex?

“The Echo and Echoplex is an integral part of the L.A. music scene and we’ve been going to shows there for years. One of our first memories is being teenagers and our parents took us to F Yeah Fest in its early years. It was the coolest thing. We also remember seeing Shannon and the Clams play there years ago when we were first starting out and we handed Shannon a copy of our first EP. We were always handing out demos and trying to get shows. Being from Riverside we didn’t know too many people in L.A. and we spent a few years playing to empty rooms so if you would’ve told us we’d have a residency at The Echoplex back then we would’ve freaked out!”


Who are your opening bands?

“We feel like a lot of the same bands always get booked together so we wanted to mix it up and try to get bands from different scenes to join us. We also wanted to bring attention to other talented bands we know of that work really hard to make cool stuff happen. We go way back with a few of the bands. Sweet Bump It, Francisco the Man, and others we have recently met or discovered but we’re so stoked to be playing with all of them.”


What other Los Angeles-based bands do you admire?

“We genuinely admire all the bands that are playing our residency, but there are so many more we love too! If our residency could go on forever we would also love to invite The Blank Tapes, Kim & The Created, Winter, Gothic Tropic, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, Feels, Joel Jerome, So Many Wizards, Pearl Charles… There are too many to list!”


Do you have a pre-show ritual?

“We usually like to have one beer to relax and loosen up a little. We’ve also been trying to make time to do some vocal warm ups before we go on.”


What can we expect from your set every week?

“We’ll be playing some new songs off the album that we’re really excited about. We’re also trying something new with Justine [Brown] switching instruments with our guitarist Andy [Moran] and joining me up at the front of the stage for a song or two.”


Will you be playing any covers?

“For the very last night, we’ll be playing a special stripped down acoustic set after our normal set. In addition to some new material we will be playing a couple classic covers. You’ll have to come to the show to find out which ones.”


What do you hope to gain by doing a residency at The Echoplex?

“We hope to make a big splash and throw a good time that attendees will always remember. Hopefully we’ll gain some new fans and bring some new ears to the other bands as well.”


What are you looking forward to the most?

“I had a dream about the residency in which we had an entryway that read “Welcome to Limbo” so we decided to go with that theme. We’re going all out with decorations in hopes of creating a dreamy and strangely surreal atmosphere and have been prepping for that so we can’t wait to see it all come together. We’re also making zine packs for each night which will include a mini-zine with contributions from the bands, a limited edition button, and a sticker featuring our residency artwork done by Amber McCall. It’s a free show so all proceeds from those will go to support the bands and each night will have a different pack. If you collect them all you’ll get a free copy of our album on the last night. Overall we’re also really stoked to share our new songs, see all the bands play, and see all our friends and fans together in one place. It’s going to be a dream!”

Sheva Kafai: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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L.A. Psych Fest (Show Pics)

IMG_0122The fourth annual L.A. Psych Fest recently held their second day at The Echo and Echoplex.


And David Evanko of MINIVAN Photography was there to shoot the trippy show.

MINIVAN Photography: FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr

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Jenny Lewis (Show Pics)

jenny-lewis-echoplex-4-9-2015-7Jenny Lewis recently performed at the Echoplex (with comedian Tim Heidecker opening and an introduction by John C. Reilly). While onstage, she reflected on the first time she played The Echo (the venue’s upstairs counterpart) when Rilo Kiley opened for Elliott Smith. And near the end of the set, beach ball-sized balloons dropped upon the audience.


And photog Zane Roessell was there to shoot the show.

Zane Roessell: Website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Tumblr

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"Forever Found" by Kan Wakan

KW.13_VRTX-Stage-3s-010-IceSilver Lake‘s Kan Wakan is the brainchild of Gueorgui I. Linev who originally envisioned the project as solely instrumental. Thankfully vocalist Kristianne Bautista and guitarist Peter Potyondy convinced him otherwise as the trio fused a melange of soul, jazz, psych, and pop all smoked over with a vintage vibe that can pivot into an orchestral soundscape. (Hence the band’s name being inspired by the Tagalog word for “interstellar/outer space.”) Their debut LP, Moving On, was produced by Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley) and engineered by Tom Elmhirst (Arcade Fire, Beck, The Black Keys) and will drop later this year, but for now you can enjoy the title track off their debut EP via Verve Records:

Kan Wakan will perform every Monday this month for a residency at the Echoplex. Tonight’s show is with James Supercave, Incan Abraham, and Only You.


Kan Wakan on FacebookKan Wakan on Twitter, Kan Wakan on InstagramKan Wakan on YouTube, Kan Wakan on TumblrKan Wakan on Soundcloud

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