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"Faux Accords" Music Video by Futurebrite (Premiere)

ROCKFuturebrite formed due to a chance encounter between Oakland denizen Karen Kanan Correa (vocals) and Brooklynite Josh Grant (production) on an airplane. After their current projects faded out, the coed duo decided to collaborate in Grant’s studio overlooking the East River. What spawned was beat-heavy electro pop with a dark edge but also melodic enough to redeem itself as romantic.

Their debut EP Futurebrite Part 1 (the first in a series of three) will be released on June 11th and was mixed by Alex Aldi (Passion Pit, Bruno Mars). The music video for their second single “Faux Accords” superbly compliments the song’s mood by striking and spraying bursts of fireworks over a deep dark night:

Free Bike Valet wanted to learn more about the making of the video so we asked Correa a few questions:

Was this music video just an excuse to release your inner child and play with fireworks again?
“Slow. Mo. Fireworks. What’s better than that? Bright, beautiful, cinematic.”
Did you burn yourself while filming?
“Not much. Though it was a challenge to get close to the big ones because your brain is telling you ‘No’ but your heart is saying ‘Yes!'”
Where was this video shot?
“We shot the big fireworks in Pacifica, CA at a closed orchid farm at night. The other sparkler shots we did on the beach at night in Oakland.”
Who directed it?
“There really was no director. It was kind of a group effort. Different people shot different things, I edited it and then I had a friend do some effects magic. It takes a village…”
Will you now use fireworks while performing “Faux Accord” live?
“Yes. Although I believe this will get me kicked out of most clubs everywhere. C’est la vie!”

Future Brite’s Official Website, Future Brite on Facebook, Future Brite on Twitter, Future Brite on YouTube, Future Brite on Vimeo, Future Brite on Soundcloud, Future Brite on Instagram

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"Waves" Music Video by Blondfire

231Eagle Rock‘s Blondfire created a music video for their second single “Waves” off their latest EP Where The Kids Are (Modern Art/Warner Bros. Records). Directed by the folkster Gus Black, the video follows vocalist/guitarist Erica Driscoll wandering around barefoot in the Death Valley desert –a bucket-list music video setting for every California band. What’s noticeable is the absence of the other half of the band (Erica’s brother Bruce Driscoll). But perhaps he was busy with his other project Freedom Fry.

Blondfire is now on tour with Foals and Surfer Blood.

Blondfire’s Official SiteBlondfire on FacebookBlondfire on TwitterBlondfire on InstagramBlondfire on Soundcloud

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"Best Friends" Music Video by HOLYCHILD

36870022The coed duo HOLYCHILD knows how to make waves. Their debut EP, Tribes, will soon be released but they’ve already leaked three singles –each with a superb music video. The Silver Lake-based band claims they’re sound is “experimental,” but it’s just manifold: jumping from synth grooves to dance beats to jazz breakdowns. Yet overall their appeal is pure pop and its not-so-secret ingredient is Liz Nistico’s versatile voice that can wail or carry a catchy chorus –call it Sleigh Bells-lite. The music video for their latest single “Best Friends” was shot in Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea by director Laurel Parmet and follows the band becoming acquainted with the locals, car tires, bicycle gangs, and abandoned houses:

HOLYCHILD will next perform at their EP release show at Hotel Cafe on March 21 for Blind Date LA along with Finish Ticket, The Last Royals, and Hotel Cinema.


HOLYCHILD’s Official SiteHOLYCHILD on FacebookHOLYCHILD on TwitterHOLYCHILD on InstagramHOLYCHILD on YouTubeHOLYCHILD on BandcampHOLYCHILD on Soundcloud

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"Something In The Water" by Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer lists among their influences “love, death, the mystic forest, and fog.” But this is appropriate considering their moniker. Consisting of Bridgette Moody and John Seasons, the band formed when the couple left their previous bands (Torches and Seasons respectively) and concentrated on a new focus as stated in their bio:

“To accept the light, you must acknowledge the darkness and accept it. Only then will you reach clarity.”

Together, the Silver Lake coed duo makes digi-folk pop that’s as enticing as it is spooky. Like an echo in a cave, Moody’s voice carries an eerie yet seductive vibe over soothing strums or gentle beats. This is the sound of dew forming on a chilly morning…

Haunted Summer is currently recording a single with producer Raymond Richards (Local Natives) and their debut LP Through the Woods with Samuel Bing of Fol Chen. They will continue their March residency at Casey’s this Friday with Spirit Vine and Dignitary Loss.


Haunted Summer on Facebook, Haunted Summer on Twitter, Haunted Summer on YouTubeHaunted Summer on TumblrHaunted Summer on Soundcloud

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"The Hardest Part" by Kisses

kissesstillshotKisses‘s latest press release claims that their second album, Kids In LA (Cascine), “is a departure from the luminosity of their first album, focusing instead on the starker wintertime in Southern California.” And while their first single “The Hardest Part” does conjure a more June Gloom vibe, it’s not that dark. The Eagle Rock co-ed duo still produced a blatant pop track with digi-beats infectious enough to dance to. But it is true that SoCal isn’t always sunny, and the song’s musical/lyrical angle easily draws parallels to a Bret Easton Ellis novel: set in the ’80s with rich kids discovering sex and drugs:

And here’s the album’s teaser trailer which was filmed and edited by David Morrison:

Kisses will perform this Saturday at The Ranch along with The Dustbowl Revival, Zak Waters, Gavin, Terraplane Sun, Mystery Skulls, HOTT MT, The Diamond Light, and many many more…


Kisses’ Official Site, Kisses on Facebook, Kisses on Twitter, Kisses on Bandcamp

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"Won't See Me" Music Video By Dark Furs

Dark Furs_012Dark Furs is British vocalist Suzanne May and SoCal guitarist Chad Philipps. Based in Echo Park, the coed duo’s indie rock is unapologetically deep as if coming from a heavy soul and tone that naturally drowns your mood with mused emotions. They recruited a drummer (Garrett Henritz) and a producer (Dan Long) for their self-titled debut EP. And their first single “Won’t See Me” was turned into a music video by directors CW & Kube which follows May in random desolate Downtown locations (artist lofts, railroad tracks, viaducts, and a skating rink). It superbly taps into the vein of the song: wandering late at night with alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food as your only companions, too bored to go home just yet, but too scared not to…

Dark Furs will perform with Uuvvwwz and Town In The City at The Central on February 18th.

Dark Furs’s Official Site, Dark Furs on Facebook, Dark Furs on Twitter, Dark Furs on InstagramDark Furs on YouTube, Dark Furs on Tumblr, Dark Furs on Bandcamp, Dark Furs on Soundcloud

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"Foolish Things" by The Ultimate Bearhug

196792_187780641266745_3849479_nThe Santa Ana co-ed duo known as The Ultimate Bearhug might just have the best and most appropriate moniker ever conceived. And I’m sure there’s an adorable story behind it. Guitarist Barrett Johnson carries a burly frame and could properly deliver a solid embrace while vocalist Doll Knight (an even more appropriate first name) croons lush lullabies that are warming embers on the heart. But I like to believe their name reflects the way their folk pop music envelopes, soothes, and cuddles as if you’re home and curdled up on the couch under heavy blankets. Their debut album, Just South Of Los Angeles, was recorded by Dallas Kruse at Zion Studios and is a cumulative collection of superb songwriting, but in order to receive the full squeeze you must witness Knight’s gentle infatuating sways:

The Ultimate Bearhug will perform at Hotel Cafe on February 13th.

The Ultimate Bearhug’s Official Website, The Ultimate Bearhug on Facebook, The Ultimate Bearhug on Twitter, The Ultimate Bearhug on YouTube

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"South" by Boxviolet

The coed duo known as Boxviolet might be nomadic (Topanga Canyon to Brighton to Paris and back again) but their music maintains its moody grandeur like a reoccurring interpretive dream: sometimes epic, sometimes spooky, but always captivating. Best friends Margot Paige (vocals,guitar) and Luke Ehret (programming/guitar) are currently acting as “hermits” to work on their follow-up to 2010’s Audition EP with help from engineer John “Silas” Cranfield and mixer Mark Needham (The Killers). The leaked track “South” is classic Boxviolet: deep dark synths, crunching guitars, and Paige’s sexy hypnotic voice purring:

“I’d wish you kiss me on the mouth, or further south…”

Boxviolet on Facebook, Boxviolet on Twitter, Boxviolet on YouTube, Boxviolet on Bandcamp, Boxviolet on Soundcloud

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"Surface" by Opus Orange

Santa Monica denizen Paul “PB” Bessenbacher is a commercial composer for Emoto Music by day, but by night the multi-instrumentalist is the headmaster for the indie pop rock act Opus Orange. Since 2009, the band has released three EPs, collaborated with Eleni Mandell, and had their songs featured in an Apple iPhone commercial and episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Originally a mostly acoustic coed duo, the group has grown to a quintet but that has only enhanced the band’s ability to craft infectious pop melodies. Upbeat and radiant, Opus Orange’s latest EP Surface was released today. Synths, casio beats, and harmonies litter the tracks and the result conjures a more digital The Shins or a more acoustic The Postal Service. Here’s the EP’s title track:

Opus Orange‘s EP release party will be sponsored tonight by Emoto Music and Soundwell at The Central along with The Ross Sea Party, The Mid-Cities, and The Dead Ships.

Opus Orange’s Official Site, Opus Orange on Facebook, Opus Orange on Twitter, Opus Orange on Bandcamp, Opus Orange on Soundcloud

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"Three Times Of The Day" by Dylan Trees

Dylan Trees started out as a coed duo (the British Jeremy Simon and New Yorker Monica Olive) that attributes Silver Lake‘s Thirsty Crow Bar as integral to their full band formation (mainly due to Olive being a bartender there). The three additional musicians add a more dynamic approach to their psychedelia tinted folk pop which often centers on Simon and Olive sharing vocal duties. Overall, their music has a stripped down lure of acoustics that either makes you stomp your dusty boots or gently rock on a porch swing.

The Echo Park-based band will release a new EP in October entitled Victoryville (Mother West) that was mostly recorded and produced at Cottage Sounds in New York by Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, Gospel Music) who also produced their previous two EPS. But for now, you can enjoyed the title track off their last release Three Times Of The Day:

Dylan Trees will perform this Tuesday at The Central with Owls, The Breakups, and The Ross Sea Party.


Dylan Trees on TumblrDylan Trees on FacebookDylan Trees on TwitterDylan Trees on YouTubeDylan Trees on Bandcamp, Mother West Records

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