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Kim and The Created, Kera and The Lesbians, Prettiest Eyes (Show Pics)

kim and the created-3
Kim and The Created, Kera and The Lesbians, and Prettiest Eyes recently performed at the Bootleg Theater.


And photog Joe Cortez was there to shoot the crazy show.

Joe Cortez: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Widowspeak, Quilt, Veronica Bianqui (Show Pics)

Widowspeak, Quilt, and Veronica Bianqui recently performed at the Bootleg Theater.


And photog Sheva Kafai was there to shoot the show.

Sheva Kafai: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Allie X (Interview)

IMG_4501Allie X recently performed her US live debut at the Bootleg Theater.

AllieX-bootleg-flyer2 (1)

And photographer Matt Benton met up with the pop artist to shoot some pics before the show as FBV asked some questions.


Your last name is “X.” You call your fans “X’s.” And you use the letter in various thematic hashtags such as #feelingX and #Xmeanything. When exactly did you become infatuated with the letter “X”?

“When I became X, I did so because of the freedom it gave me to Xplore the unknown and the anonymity it granted me to wipe my past away.”


Since you’re a classically trained pianist, do you start writing all of your songs on the piano?

“I used to. Now it’s a combination of writing at a piano or a computer. It’s useful to write in all sorts of different environments and confuse yourself into getting a sound you haven’t before.”

Judging by your debut EP’s title, CollXtion I, we assume there will be more EPs of the same name or do you plan to release an LP?

“It is the beginning of a series of CollXtions which is neither an LP or an EP.”

How did you come up with the idea for your famous spinning GIFs?

“I was inspired by the memory of spinning as a child until I became dizzy and would purposely fall to the floor and close my eyes. The feeling of being suspended as the world turned around me was what I began to think of as #feelingX. The GIFs were a way to represent that visually.”

What can you tell us about your next music video?

“Top secret!”

You also released an autobiographical comic book called The Story of X. Will it have a sequel?

“Yes. Each CollXtion will feature another chapter in The Story of X. It is a comic book, but to a real comic book fan it probably comes across as more of a children’s book. I chose the comic as the medium for my story because that is how I see it when I think back now. Renata Morales did the illustrations and I’d be honored to work with her again –though that isn’t confirmed.”

You’ve recently been collaborating with Troye Sivan and LELAND. How did you come to work with these artists?

LELAND and I got set up by our publishers in a session and we hit it off and became writing partners. Troye tweeted about me and then we DM-ed and found out we were mutual friends with LELAND. We have written a bunch of songs for Troye. One is on his EP, WILD, which is released worldwide this Friday. And we have written songs for me as well.”

You’re rarely seen without sunglasses, do you have a large collection or do you stick to a few favorites?

“I have a moderate collXtion. I tend to stick to the same ones for a few months and then switch. My favorite pair right now are by Colab –an Australian brand.”

We know Katy Perry is a big fan of yours and has promoted you via Twitter. Have you had the chance to thank her in person?

“Yes. We met shortly after ‘the tweet’ at a party she threw.”

Matt Benton: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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The Black Ryder, Tennis System, The Vacant Lots (Show pics)

IMG_0149The Black Ryder, Tennis System, and The Vacant Lots recently performed at The Roxy Theatre.


And photog Tajna Tanovic was there to shoot the show.

Tajna Tanovic: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram

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