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"Midnight Lover" by Skin Town

1071557_559641590767971_726305635_oComprised of Grace Hall (vocals) and Nick Turco (synths and beats), Echo Park‘s Skin Town is the result of two scene vets collaborating on what their hearts have been aching to make: soul soothing R&B. It’s what your conscience hears as you walk on the streets beneath neon city lights after every bar is closed. And just like a sex scene in a Bret Easton Ellis novel, it’s retro, lecherous, and addictive. Here’s their aptly titled single “Midnight Lover” off their debut album The Room (Time No Place):

Skin Town will join Bom Bom and Moons Of Mars tonight at Hotel Cafe for Blind Date L.A. Volume 15.


Skin Town on Facebook, Skin Town on TwitterSkin Town on Souncloud

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"End Of The World" Music Video by Hunter Hunted

1362175322HunterHuntedEyesClosedIn the post-apocalyptic future, survivors of the human race will live in a perpetual state of primalistic survival while wearing flamboyant war paint –or at least, that’s what director R.J. Sanchez envisioned for Hunter Hunted‘s “End Of The World” music video. Shot around the “East Jesus” community in Slab City, the video follows the Echo Park-based band (Michael Garner and Dan Chang –formerly of Lady Danville) exploring desert home ruins, fishing in the Salton Sea, burning cars, and being chased by gorgeous women with guns. The visuals are a stark contrast to the duo’s effulgent harmonies and buoyant beats, but it works:

Hunter Hunted will continue their March residency at the Bootleg Bar this Monday, March 18th along with TheBlack&TheWhite and Bom Bom presented by KROQ Locals Only.


Hunter Hunted’s Official WebsiteHunter Hunted on FacebookHunter Hunted on Twitter Hunter Hunted on InstagramHunter Hunted on YouTubeHunter Hunted on Soundcloud

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