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“You Think You Know Me” by Bedbugs (Premiere)

Bedbugs returns with a new leaked single. The song, “You Think You Know Me,” is a slight progression from their previous singles by toning down the rawness and focusing more on the intricacies of melodic indie rock. But don’t worry, they still blare it out.

“We said we’d keep in touch, but we can’t keep touching.”

Bedbugs will perform on November 21st at WOMA.


And November 23rd at the Silverlake Lounge.


Bedbugs: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BandcampSoundcloud

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“No One’s Listening” by KADET (Premiere)

Don’t call them a supergroup, but KADET is the new project by Grace Kelly, Frankie Siragusa, Kenzo Cardenas (of Kid Cadaver and Bedbugs), and Mihran Saroghlanian. The band spawned when the four talented friends decided to record eight tracks on an eight-track reel-to-reel tape in Cardenas’ parents’ garage in Reseda. The result is their forthcoming self-titled debut EP chock full with spastic garage rawk laced by melodic lo-fi bop and buoyant surf pop such as their first leaked single “No One’s Listening.”

“No one has to know all the things I did last night.”

Kadet: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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