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“Cold” by Mating Ritual (Lizzy Land remix)

Lizzy Land returns with an electronic remix of the single “Cold” by Mating Ritual. Perhaps the stunning songstress decided this was suitable since she co-wrote the original and is also a performing member of the band. The “rework” (as she calls it) breathes a fuller vibrance into the track via additional digi-beats and synth twinkles without losing its midtempo glide. And of course, her soothing sharp vox is allowed to aptly shine.

“I think I’ve seen enough of you.”

Mating Ritual will perform on June 18th at Chinatown Summer Nights.


Lizzy Land: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“Electric Love” by BØRNS (Oliver remix)


An alt-pop song as blissfully catchy as BØRNS‘s “Electric Love” is destined to be remixed. Oliver decided to take the track to the nearest dance floor by providing the duo’s synthtastic blend of funk-injected future pop. After throwing this baby on repeat, we can safely say it gets better and better with each listen.

“Baby, I’m dying for another taste.”

BØRNS: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Heavy Loss” by MOTION CNTRL (Haides remix)

motioncntrolpress1Coed duo MOTION CNTRL recently released their self-titled debut EP filled with retro-inspired, spacial synth-pop. Dark yet danceable, the collection is an entrancing experience due to vocalist Allyce Engelson oh-so-lush vox and Luke Mertz’s infectiously engaging digi-rhythms such as on the opening track “Heavy Loss.” And here’s Haides‘ remix of the song which splices the single in pulses of sharp synths and downbeat percussion.

“The pleasure’s all mine.”

MOTION CNTRL: Website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, TumblrSoundcloud

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“Don’t Say No” (feat. Dresses) by Cheat Codes (The Ready Set remix)

IMG_7810Cheat Codes‘ tropical-infused track, “Don’t Say No” (feat. Dresses), grooves along with organic percussion (steel drums) as well as shooting synths. The song has already received an impressive dance pop meets neo-R&B remix by Milk N Cooks, but Jordan Witzigreuter (aka The Ready Set) decided to create his own brooding, electro-pop version due to his close relationships with Trevor Dahl (of Cheat Codes) and Jared Ryan Maldonado (of Dresses) as co-collaborators on the indie pop project Cold Shoulders. Here’s what he had to say about his own spin:

“I was stoked to do this. I’ve been friends with these dudes forever and I think the song is great and so catchy. I wanted to put a kind of darker spin on the sound. I think it turned out pretty sweet.”

Cheat Codes will soon be on The Chainsmokers‘ Friendzone Tour.


Cheat Codes: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“2000 Seasons” by The Seshen (Astronauts, etc. Remix)

seshenphoto3_732_532The Seshen is a sonically diverse electro-soul septet who blend live instrumentation with digital textures –or as they call “beat-driven compositions with a strong emotional core.” On July 17th they will release a remix collection, Unravel Remixes EP, of their debut EP released last year via Tru Thoughts. And for the last track, “2000 Seasons,” they recruited fellow Oakland denizen Astronauts, etc. to conjure a cosmo-infused synthscape:

The Seshen will perform on August 17th at Bardot for School Night!


The Seshen: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, BandcampSoundcloud

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