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“Oh Allen” by The Relationship

TR PROMO 1Don’t call them a supergroup, but The Relationship was founded by guitarists Brian Bell (of Weezer) and Nate Shaw (of U.S. Bombs) who recently recruited Jon LaRue and Anthony Burulcich (of The Bravery) as their new rhythm section. On April 8th, the rock vets will follow up their self-titled debut LP by releasing a 7″ via Burger Records –a consummate collaboration between a label spearheading the SoCal garage rawk revival and a band directly influenced by the original scene. Here’s the record’s A-side, “Oh Allen,” which is an unapologetic throwback to power pop rock built on solid guitar work slinging clean melodic hooks:

The Relationship will perform tonight (April 1st) and April 8th at The Viper Room.


The Relationship: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter

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"Better Off Alone" by The Breakups

In 2007, vocalist/guitarist Jake Gideon was almost simultaneously ditched by his band and dumped by his long-time girlfriend. Undeterred, he recruited a solid collection of musicians and aptly named them The Breakups. Their music is either a collective power pop wall of sound or layered with soothing acoustics (a la Death Cab For Cutie) but always delivered through an adored geek perspective. Either way, listening to the perpetually-single quintet is a guaranteed good time. Their debut LP is entitled Running Jumping Falling Shouting and was recorded mostly at Gideon’s home studio called The Bait Shop in Hollywood. Highlighting the album is the swift-pop track “Better Off Alone” (obviously they maintain their moniker’s theme rather well) which uses high-pitched synths unapologetically influenced by Motion City Soundtrack:

The Breakups will perform at The Central this Tuesday along with Owls, Dylan Trees, and The Ross Sea Party.

The Breakups’ Official Site, The Breakups on FacebookThe Breakups on Twitter, The Breakups on TumblrThe Breakups on YoutubeThe Breakups on BandcampThe Breakups on Soundcloud

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"Drift Off" music video by Lovers Drugs

The power-pop rock trio known as Lovers Drugs recently released their debut album Drift Off. The title track is a popster ditty that makes you want to skip or bop along, and the song’s respective music video is genius: A faux-recreation of a local news coverage of the “Video Game World Championships”… in 1982 (probably before the band members were even born):

And just in case you wanted more footage of Channel 9’s renown news anchor Skipper Smith:

Lovers Drugs will perform tonight at The Central along with Blondfire and In The Valley Below.

Lovers Drugs’ official site, Lovers Drugs on Facebook, Lovers Drugs on Twitter, Lovers Drugs on BandcampLovers Drugs on Soundcloud, Lovers Drugs on Youtube

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