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"Old House" by Armors

At a Lake Forest practice space, five young men come together to perform as Armors. Perhaps removed just enough to not be influenced by the evolving trends of L.A., the quintet evokes earnest indie rock built on solid melodic soars. Their new single, “Old House,” was produced by Adam Castilla (of The Colourist) and only makes us eager for their debut release:

Armors will perform on March 9th at The Satellite.


Armors: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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"Move" by Viva Violet (Premiere)

viva_violet_portrait_05_24_14_grain_web_medGlassell Park‘s Viva Violet is the new project of old friends Jiha Lee (formerly of The Good Life) and Nick White (of Tilly and the Wall) who are both Bright Eyes alumni (and thus part of the Saddle Creek retinue). Will Golden produced their forthcoming self-titled debut EP which includes “Move”: a beautiful and intimate narrative presented by Lee’s raw lyrics over gentle guitar and cooing keys that tumble into a driving rhythm courtesy of Golden on bass and Daniel Ocanto (of Big Harp) on drums.

Viva Violet will perform tomorrow (2-21) at Mollusk Surf Shop.


Viva Violet: Website, FacebookInstagramSoundcloud

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"Where We Started" by Highland Kites

8Highland Kites is the project of Glendale denizen Marissa Lamar. She labels her sound as “lyric-based melodic indie rock” but that description doesn’t reveal the darker, edgier sonics she isn’t afraid to occasionally embrace. She’s currently working on her debut full-length, but for now here’s “Where We Started” off her debut EP, So Vicious, which channels a charming radiance à la Jenny Lewis.

“When your skin was my blanket, I was never cold.”

Highland Kites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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"Bride & Groom" Studio Video by The End Of Summer (Premiere)

Owl Fly South Press PhotoDespite their moniker, The End Of Summer does not sonically reflect the saddest time of the year. Instead, the four young dudes from Westwood emit a buoyant vibe with indie rock melodics (Torches) and pop sensibilities (Vampire Weekend). Today marks the launch of their monthly video series dubbed “Owl Fly South” (in honor of their previous band name) which will culminate with the release of their debut LP in September (aka “the end of summer”). The first video features the dance friendly “Bride & Groom” which builds to riveting riffs of alacrity:

The End Of Summer’s Official SiteThe End Of Summer on FacebookThe End Of Summer on InstagramThe End Of Summer on YouTube

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"Listening" by Western Scene

Western Scene describe themselves as “two hombres who met at a cactus and cut it down for some tacos.” But it wasn’t that simple. Jason Burkhart met Tom Pritchard when he was in a San Diego band called Dynamite Walls and soon after became their manager. When that band broke up, Burkhart and Pritchard built a studio in Echo Park and began creating music together. With a foundation in indie rock, the man-duo delivers a sound that has the uncanny ability to strike heavy yet quickly sweep away with melodic soars.

Western Scene is currently working on their debut album with producer Hugo Nicolson (Radiohead, Primal Scream) which will include performances by John Hischke and Dan Elkan from Broken Bells. It should be released early next year, but for now here’s the leaked track “Listening”:

Western Scene will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Go West Young ManThe New Limb, and The Shade. And it’s FREE!

Western Scene’s Official Site,  Western Scene on Facebook, Western Scene on TwitterWestern Scene on YouTubeWestern Scene on Soundcloud

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