“Come Over” by Junk

Stephen-Paul-Stocker_Junk-Echo 4
Junk is a rock ‘n’ roll act spearheaded by Echo Park denizen Evan Weiss (formerly of GIRLS and Wires On Fire) and filled out by a motley crew of local stalwarts including but not limited to his brother Darren Weiss (of PAPA) and friends Michael Shuman (formerly of Wires On Fire) and Zach Dawes (of The Last Shadow Puppets). They recently released their self-titled debut LP which includes the dynamic track “Come Over” which runs on bluesy grooves channeling The Black Keys until erupting into a chorus of late ’90s alt-rock pop.

“I got you, so come over.”

PAPA will perform on September 16th at The Bootleg Theater.


Junk: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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