“HateULoveU” by GHITA (Premiere)

GHITA is fresh popster who was born in Casablanca but now calls Westwood home. Her latest leaked single, “HateULoveU,” off her forthcoming debut EP was co-written with Charlie Snyder and Oktavian and produced by Xela. The result is a trip-pop masterpiece via shivering synths, dope digi-beats, and an arresting neo-R&B delivery.

“In every fight, you’re like a thunderstorm and I’m the kite.”

GHITA: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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One thought on ““HateULoveU” by GHITA (Premiere)

  1. Lala Gunaevy-Belkady says:

    Amazing songit will be a hit

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