Saint Motel at Bonnaroo (Interview)

Saint Motel performed at Bonnaroo this year.


So photographer Mallory Turner shot some pics while Free Bike Valet asked frontman A/J Jackson some questions.


You’ve never played Bonnaroo before. What did you expect?

“We expected a good ole time and that’s exactly what we got.”


What’s your go-to outfit for summer music festivals?

“Heat is definitely a factor. If we were on the outdoor Midwestern winter festival circuit we’d be wearing nothing but triple fat goose down jackets. Bonnaroo is all about the least amount of clothing you can wear.”


What did you want your audience to take away from your set today?

“Take away some new lifelong friends. A smile. Maybe they met a lover. Maybe they met God. Or maybe they just grabbed the setlist.”


As a band founded by two former film school students, do you mainly agree or disagree on your favorite movies?

“Mainly agree. Very different tastes though. So when we all agree it must be a damn good movie.”

Any plans to direct more music videos?

“I always have a good time directing for Saint Motel. Not sure what the cards hold for these next couple videos but we know where to find me.”

What can you tell us about your sophomore album?

“We will tell you everything super soon. Couldn’t be more excited!”

And will any of the songs feature more beer bottle percussion?

“We have upgraded to entire six and twelve packs. One song even features multiple kegs which have a steel drum sort of tone.”

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