POWERS at Bonnaroo (Interview)

Popster duo POWERS performed at Bonnaroo this year.


So photographer Mallory Turner shot some pics while Free Bike Valet asked some questions.


You’ve never been to Bonnaroo before. What do you expect from the experience?

Mike: “Bonnaroo is one of those iconic festivals that we’ve always dreamed about playing. There’s this sense like it’s a reincarnation of Woodstock or at least the spirit of it in some way. We expect it to be hot, dirty, and kinda wild –a beacon of good vibes. What else could you ask for in a festival?”


What’s your go-to outfit for music festivals?

Crista: “When it’s 90 plus degrees out the only suitable option for me is a bikini and a massive brimmed sun hat. I did however just pick up this glittery Donna Summer-esque kimono that I plan on rocking for the weekend.”

Mike: “I’ve been really into jumpsuits lately and have found them incredibly comfortable to play in. Maybe I’m just living out my childhood Ghostbusters fantasy but there’s something about putting them on that makes me feel like I’m wearing my superhero gear.”


Do you make a special set list for music festivals?

Crista: “Absolutely! We’ve been finishing up our album in between playing these summer festivals so it’s been great to try out all this new material before it’s released in the fall. There is in fact a special guest collaboration on one of the new tracks and we’re hoping to perform it together in the very near future. Might have to wait till it’s out to tell you who it is or maybe not. We’ll see.”


What can you tell us about your tour peeps?

Mike: “The two other people we tour with, Sarab and Luke, are like family to us. Luke is our road warrior, tour manager, and front of house wizard. Sarab, our drummer, is one of the most gifted and creative spirits we’ve ever met. We never wanted this band to be a revolving door of faces and energies so when we met them through a mutual friends it felt like the universe had meant it to happen. We adore them.”


Your music is very energetic and danceable. What’s the secret to get a crowd moving?

Crista: “When the two of us are writing we’re always conscious of how a song is going to feel and translate live. We pay a lot of attention to different tempos and how they make us move. We have to love it before anyone else can. It’s been helpful to try out new material before it gets released to see how a crowd a reacts. There’s no better way to know.”


You’ve been on tour with talented artists such as X Ambassadors and Seinabo Sey. What makes a good tourmate?

Mike: “A good hang, good vibes, and good music make for a great tour. It’s a lot of work without much sleep traveling around in a van for months so having everyone on the same positive wavelength is key. We’ve known the XA guys for years so it was just an amazing experience to be out with friends and to witness their success happening. We couldn’t be happier for them or more grateful to have been a part of it.”


What made you decide to release a remix version of your recent EP Legendary?

Crista: “We always feel like a good song can stand on its own without relying on a production to define it. So with the prospect of a remix EP we were so excited at the idea of someone else’s take and perspective on what we had written.”


How did you recruit the DJs?

Mike: “Some reached out to us and our A&R [representative] Jared at Republic [Records] –who has an amazing understanding of the DJ/remix universe– reached out to some of his favorites. We were fans of Lincoln Jesser and Lenno for a while.”


You’ve helped write songs for pop stars such as Kylie Minogue and Selena Gomez. Are they fans? They better be!

Crista: “(Laughs) We haven’t asked! But we’d have to assume that some of the artists on our credit list would dig the band if they felt so compelled to sing other songs we’ve written.”


Your music video for “Hot” is rad and rapturing. What can you tell us about the next one?

Mike: “That is a very secretive question. Can’t give you too much info but we have a lot of ideas in the works and aren’t sure which will come out first. We’re very excited to show people the visual counterparts in our heads that go with all the new music.”


What can you tell us about your next release?

“We’re wrapping up our debut album that will be released in September and it’s shaping up to be what we believe is the best music we’ve ever made. For the most part it’s been self-produced in our studio in Hollywood but we recently started tracking with Rich Costey at the legendary Sunset Sound to finish it. It’s full of color and life. We couldn’t be more excited about it.”

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