Cardiknox at Bonnaroo (Interview)

Popster duo Cardiknox performed at Bonnaroo this year.


So photographer Mallory Turner shot some pics while Free Bike Valet asked some questions.

You’ve never played Bonnaroo before. What do you expect from the experience?

Lonnie: “We’re incredibly excited to be here. Neither of us have been before and it has such an awesome history and is really known for being focused on the music rather than the “scene.” We’ve been told the people and audiences are amazing so we’re really excited to feel it in action.”

Do you make a special set list for music festivals?

Lonnie: “We switched up our normal set list for tonight based on the time we’ll hit the stage. We play at 12:30 AM so we figure anyone that’s out and about is looking to dance and party. We’ve frontloaded the set with some uptempo songs and we’ll also be playing two songs never before heard at a festival: ‘What Do I Do Now’ and ‘Supermodel.'”


What can you tell us about your touring band?

Lonnie: “We have the pleasure of playing with two other great guys: Greg Garman on drums and Chris Castellino on keys. We’ve been playing with Chris since our first show in NYC and added Greg to the mix about a year ago. We met both through friends in the industry and love having them on board. We also travel with a kickass sound guy, John Troxell, who is the sweetest dude and best FOH in town.”

You’ve been on tour with amazing artists such as Betty Who, The Knocks, and Carly Rae Jepsen. What makes a good tourmate?

Lonnie: “Being nice and kind! Having good energy and fun people around is what makes touring so special. We’ve been really lucky to tour with lovely people and by the end of tour it always feels like a daily party with one big quirky family.”

Tomorrow, you go on the road with Phoebe Ryan, FRANKIE, and Secret Weapons for the Boyz n Poizn Tour. What can we expect?

Lonnie: “You can expect a killer dance party! We’re big fans of Phoebe’s music and when her management reached out about touring together, we were stoked! FRANKIE and Secret Weapons share the same management company as us so it was a natural fit to have them on board too. [The tour’s slogan] ‘Make America Dance Again’ is a play on Trump’s ridiculous campaign slogan. Who knows, maybe he’ll come out to a show. It should be an awesome tour. We can’t wait to get back on the road again.”


You recently moved from NY to LA. What prompted the move?

Lonnie: “In terms of logistics for us, LA is really where most of our ‘work’ is. Our entire team is based in LA: management, label, publishing, booking, etcetera so it’s amazing to have face time with everyone regularly. It’s also where our producer is based and we recorded the entire album with him at Henson Recording Studios. As much as we hated leaving NYC –we’re actually still heartbroken about it– LA is a great home for us right now.”

What will you miss the most back home while on tour?

Lonnie: “My French bulldog Sumo.”

Thomas: “Playing soccer ever week. I’m on a team and I live for our weekly games.”

What’s the story behind the title of your debut album Portrait?

Lonnie: “We wrote songs that really paint a picture of who we are. These are our stories and our experiences so Portrait felt very appropriate. When we recruited Tristan Eaton to create the cover art –which is a portrait of Lonnie– the title felt even that much more perfect.”


The album art is stellar. How did you recruit the artist Tristan Eaton?

Lonnie: “Thank you! We were both huge fans of Tristan for quite some time and would take breaks during the recording process to geek out on street art with our producer John Shanks. We introduced John to Tristan’s work –John’s quite an art collector– and the idea of having him paint our cover came about. It felt like a pipe dream but all of a sudden a couple phone calls were made and Tristan was in the studio with us listening to songs, hanging out, and totally on board to create our cover art. We totally flipped out.”

How did you find your producer John Shanks?

Lonnie: “Similarly, we’ve both been fans of John’s work forever –as is most of America, whether they know him by name or not (laughs)– and we got set up by our respective publishers to do a writing session. Two days turned into six months and he produced the entire album in addition to becoming a dear, dear friend.”

Your music videos are very creative and fun. What can you tell us about the next one?

Lonnie: “Thank you! We actually just shot the video a few days ago for ‘Wild Child’ and it was a fucking whirlwind. David Kalani directed and we shot in a large studio space at YouTube LA. Without giving it away, the video is about the making of music videos; four of them in one to be specific. It was a real labor of love and we’re so excited to see it and share it!”

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

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