Jarryd James at Bonnaroo (Interview)

Neo-soulster Jarryd James performed at Bonnaroo this year.


So photographer Mallory Turner shot some pics while Free Bike Valet asked some questions.

You’ve never been to Bonnaroo before. What do you expect from the experience?

“Well, I’ve never been before. But all my friends who are in bands who have played it say that it’s one of the best in the world and that the vibe is really great.”

How do music festivals differ in the US versus your homeland of Australia?

“I actually can’t tell you that yet because this will be my first time playing a festival in the US –something that I’m very much looking forward to.”


You’ve been on tour with Meg Myers and will soon join Broods again for their Conscious tour. What makes a good tourmate?

“The best people to tour with are the ones who understand the concept of personal space while at the same time being down for a drink and a hang after a show. I know that sounds painfully obvious but you’d be surprised.”

What can you tell us about your touring band?

“Okay. So on drums I have Benny Barter. He’s from New Zealand but now lives in LA. He [also] plays for Lorde. If you like David Brent from The Office, then you’ll love Benny. On keys I have Ray Suen. He’s from San Diego but is also living in LA. He’s one of the most talented musicians I know. I believe he’s currently [also] playing for Childish Gambino and Passion Pit and has previously played for bands like The Killers and was in a band called Mariachi El Bronx. He looks fantastic in a mariachi suit. And then on bass/synth I have Aaron Folb. He is actually helping me out big time as my previous bass player had to bow out. He also plays for Passion Pit and Ray asked him if he’d be keen to have a jam. He picked my stuff up so fast. It’s amazing. Sorry Passion Pit! I’m not tryna steal your people.”


What will you miss the most back home in Brisbane while on tour in the US this summer?

“The same things that I always miss when I’m away: my own bed, driving on the left hand side of the road, and meat pies.”

What’s the story behind the title of your debut album Thirty One?

“My dad died when he was 31 and I turned 31 last year. The same year I put out the album. He was a musician.”


How did you come to collaborate with producer Joel Little?

“I had been randomly asked to perform an interpretation of my mate Matt Corby’s ‘Resolution’ at the APRA awards in 2014. They are the publisher/songwriter awards in Australia. Joel and his manager Ashley Page were in attendance and they both just came up to me after the night was done and said that they were really keen to work with me. From there it was a pretty natural progression really.”

What else can you share about your upcoming album release?

“I’ve just kept writing over the last six to eight months since the album came out in Australia, so there’s gonna be some new additions for the US release that I’m really excited about. I worked with some really cool people.”

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