“New Girls” Music Video by VUM

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VUM is the project of Jennifer Pearl (formerly of Lion Fever and Lost Kids), Chris Badger (formerly of The Grand Elegance), and Scott Spaulding. For years, they’ve been conjuring psychedelic post-punk out of a studio apartment (dubbed the Secret Lodge) in Topanga Canyon. The trio returns by leaking a new single, “New Girls,” off their third LP, Cryptocrystalline, which drops March 25th via Secret Lodge Recordings. The arresting track reliably continues the band’s noir-pop vibe with minimal digi-beats, flickering keys, eerie guitar tones, and a haunting vox.

“Our souls are up for ransom.”

And here’s its aptly lo-fi, trippy music video.

VUM will perform on February 25th at LA Mother.

New Girls Release Show

VUM: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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