“True Confessions” by Blondfire (Acoustic)

Blondfire returns by releasing an acoustic version of the edgy title track off their sophomore EP, True Confessions, dropping March 11th via WAX ltd. Recorded at the label’s studio in Hollywood, the stripped-down recording features frontwoman Erica Driscoll on acoustic and Anthony Polcino providing dreamy reverb. The result is naturally more serene thus acting as a clearer channel to hear the lyrics’ impassioned plea to save a fading romance. When asked why she chose this song to perform unplugged, Driscoll replied:

“I’ve always loved how an acoustic version of a song can really make you tune into the lyrics and meaning in a whole new way. It’s cool to just strip away the layers and really showcase the song itself in it’s purest form. The original version of ‘True Confessions’ production is really high energy, but the melody and lyric are quite bittersweet. I thought it would be great to just break it down and really showcase that sentiment.”

“I just wanna hear your true confessions.”

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