“Seventeen” by Tessa Rae

Tessa Rae is an Oakland-born singer/songwriter who recently leaked her first single, “Seventeen,” off her forthcoming mixtape Two Worlds. Produced by Justin Warfield (of She Wants Revenge), the soothing pop song is a downtempo purr of guitar plucks, trip-pop beats, synth effects, and a beautifully breathy vox.

“You got a heart that beats too fast.”

Tessa Rae: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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One thought on ““Seventeen” by Tessa Rae

  1. Great Sound!
    Lovely vocals, cool arrangement….
    i’m impressed.
    You’ve got a terrific look as well (though That’s hardly a surprise knowing from whence you come). Keep up the amazing work!
    i look forward to hearing More.

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