DOROTHY (Interview)

Ever since DOROTHY exploded on the L.A. rock scene, the act quickly enraptured a wide audience with their raw blend of thick thunderous riffs, blues-soaked rhythms, and a wailing vox. They recently announced a record deal, so we decided to ask frontwoman Dorothy Martin some questions while photographer Kristin Cofer shot some pics.

Your bandmates kick ass. How did you recruit them?

“[Guitarist] Mark Jackson is actually one of the producers on the project along with Ian Scott. We ran into [drummer] Zac [Morris] outside The Viper Room and were introduced through a mutual friend. I’m pretty sure we found [bassist] Gregg [Cash] on craigslist. Just kidding. I’m not sure how we found Gregg. He was a Christmas miracle.”


Is it true that you don’t let them shave or get haircuts?

“I don’t think they want to shave. Their beards help save leftovers.”


Your song titles tend to have a slightly sinister connotation such as “Raise Hell,” “Wicked Ones,” and “After Midnight.” Is this deliberate?

“It is not deliberate. We have no preconceived notion of what we are going to write. Once the song is written the title is usually pretty obvious. Sometimes I will come up with a catch phrase first which then inspires the song. If there is a common theme in our music then it’s either purely coincidental or being gleaned from the ethers of the subconscious mind.”


Your forthcoming album is coming out on Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. Have you met Hova yet?

“I [first] met Jay Z backstage at the Watch the Throne show at SXSW a couple years ago. He shared his Ace of Spades champagne. It was chill.”


What all can you tell us about your forthcoming album?

“We are looking at a release date in May. The album title is still undecided but I feel we have a very well-rounded piece of work. We recorded everything out of a home studio in L.A. It was actually in a small bedroom. We had our mascot, Ollie –Ian’s yorkie, for moral support.”

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