Armors (Interview)

Based out of a practice space in Lake Forest, Armors has become one of SoCal’s most buzzed about acts by reliably releasing solid hits which alter between melodic indie rock and neo-R&B pop. Photographer Mallory Turner recently caught up with the band during a show at the El Rey Theatre to shoot some portraits and ask bassist Kody Buxton some questions.

Your debut EP, Collisions, drops December 4th. What about it are you the most proud of?

“Getting it done. It’s difficult to even begin to describe the arduous journey of sonic transmutations this band has endured leading up to this release. I am proud to say that we are stronger than ever because of it and couldn’t be more excited about releasing new music.”

Adam Castilla of The Colourist produced most of the EP. How did you recruit him to be your producer?

“We actually met Adam whilst playing Firefly Festival in Delaware. Being that The Colourist was also based in OC, we reached out in hopes of meeting them. They eventually caught our set at the festival and from there we became pretty well involved. Soon as everyone was back in California we began tracking in Adam’s home studio.”

How did Sam Vanderhoop Lee of Magic Man contribute to the EP?

“We initially sent the EP to Sam just for his feedback. We told him we were struggling to capture our vision for one of the tracks called ‘Catastrophic’ and he offered to mix and produce the song for us. He really executed upon our vision for the song and we couldn’t be happier with it. We also met Sam at Firefly. We have been Magic Man fans for quite some time and have been to a number of their Southern California shows over the past year and a half or so.”

You claim that recording this EP pushed you to branch out and play music you normally wouldn’t. How so?

“I think that as with any group of musicians you tend to have different influences across all members. With Armors I feel as though those differences are far more extreme. Olen and Sam come from more of an indie pop background and I come from darker alternative and hip hop roots. We tend to have violent mood swings genre-wise and more often than not that chaos is what creates the best songs.”

What’s the story behind you three sharing a love seat?

“Adam’s office only has a love seat to sit on. A lot of countless hours of mixing and tracking going on whilst sat atop the bland upholstery of that micro-couch.”

Lots of great new bands have been coming out of Orange County lately. Is OC the new Echo Park?

“Lots of great bands in a number of different genres have been coming out of OC for decades. For some reason people try to sweep that fact under the rug with their weird LA greater than OC stigma. I think honestly music is music and if you’re good I don’t care where you’re from.”

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