“Repulsor” by Crescendo

Crescendo is a band of youngsters led by West Covina native Gregory Cole. With guidance from John Glenn Kunkel (of The New Division), the trio decided to focus on a sound they dubbed “dreamgaze” by fusing the melodic rhythm of dream pop and the fuzzy sonics of shoegaze. Their latest leaked single, “Repulsor,” is off their sophomore album, Unless (dropping February 19th via We Were Never Being Boring), and delivers an upbeat, post-punk pulse of echoing guitarwork, coed harmonies, and slicing synths  –or as Cole prefers to describe as “a science fiction laser beam controlled by our guitars and emotions.”

“We’re drifting in dreams now.”

Crescendo will perform on November 25th at Harvard & Stone.

Crescendo: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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