“Soaked” Music Video by Sun Drug (Premiere)

Sun Drug Photo 3 (cr. Emma Trim)
From the ashes of Vanaprasta, comes Sun Drug: a Silver Lake-based act obsessed with lacing experimental sonics over intense indie rock. Their recently released self-titled debut EP was recorded at home after workshopping with their “musical shaman” Rocco DeLuca. The result is a catchy conglomeration of harsh beats, riveting reverb, and edgy electro effects such as the single “Soaked.”

“I’ve got some heartache too.”

And here’s the song’s dope music video (shot in Joshua Tree) which aptly captures the track’s dark ambience and electrifying energy with the help of pulsing lights, distorted imagery, and ominous drones.

Sun Drug will perform on December 7th at Bardot for School Night!


Sun Drug: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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