“Better Instincts” Music Video by Miner

If you’re ever feeling glum, just know that Miner will promptly release a new song just to soothe your soul. After a rejuvenating break (long enough for frontman Justin Miner to grow a very brawny beard), the family band returns by leaking a single, “Better Instincts,” off their forthcoming sophomore album Tuanaki. Recorded in Seattle with producer Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Band of Horses), the song is a riveting mix of Americana rock and folk pop that naturally gives chills with its group harmonies and opens the heart with its majestic soars.

“I go against my better instincts.”

And here’s its apt music video of natural beauty which was primarily shot along the Central Coast during the band’s drive north to Seattle.

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