“Good Enough for Sum” by John Travoltage (Premiere)

JTVJohn Travoltage isn’t an ironically named man. It’s a bunch of dudes making garage pop with raw punk intentions out of a studio in SOMA. They even have a well focused (yet verbose) mission statement to “subvert the inherent nature of pop aesthetics with bratty and iconoclastic lyrics that shove a decidedly adult middle finger at the notions of celebrated mediocrity, capitalist hierarchy, and Western exceptionalism that run rampant within the narrative of the modern American nouveau-urban denizen.” Here’s their latest leaked single, “Good Enough for Sum,” off their debut EP, Done to Death, dropping October 20th.

“Wasting your time with lots of cheap thrills.”

John Travoltage will perform on October 23rd at Eli’s Mile High Club.

Elis Oct 23 Flyer

John Travoltage: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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