“Twilight After Dawn” by De La Cuesta (Premiere)

No longer recording under the moniker Fort King, singer-songwriter Ryan Fuller has returned as De La Cuesta. His debut single, “Twilight After Dawn,” was produced by Jacob Dillan Summer (of Avid Dancer) and is a woeful soliloquy of acoustic strums, somber coos, haunting keys, and a lo-fi aura ideal for enveloping the nocturnal seaside air and swaying in the breeze.

“Twilight after dawn I will be gone.”

And here’s its one-shot B&W music video following Fuller as he slowly strolls a street in his Weho neighborhood right past the Cheri Amour building –the last U.S. residence of Jim Morrison.

De La Cuesta: Website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud

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