“Captive” by WYLDR (Premiere)

WYLDR is a fresh indie rock trio from northern Orange County fronted by singer-songwriter Will Winters. The band formed when Winters broke his year-long songwriting hiatus after recruiting guitarist Taylor Van Ginkel and multi-instrumentalist Michael Matta. The result is their first single “Captive” –a stellar song with a theatrical presence soaring on echoing guitar hooks, soft synths, and distantly thundering digi-drums. Look out for their debut EP dropping December 1st.

“Have you ever seen a dead man dancing through the night?”

WYLDR: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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3 thoughts on ““Captive” by WYLDR (Premiere)

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Greg new music, sounds like early 80’s pop new wave with a modem twist.
    Good job let me know when you are playing.

  2. jen pham-corbett says:

    Yeah, finally! F*ckin’ love WYLDR. Come play in Seattle!

  3. Stan Wood says:

    Great track guys! Loved it.

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