“Roomie Wanted” Music Video by Lucy & La Mer (Premiere)

Lucy on SetLucy & La Mer returns with a music video for their latest single, “Roomie Wanted,” off their sophomore EP Little Spoon. The song opens on acoustic picks but soon gains momentum as a catchy pop-bop despite its topic about an ex-lover moving out. And only frontwoman Lucy LaForge has the uncanny ability to ironically portray a heartbreaking memory as a whimsical event (complete with hand claps).

“I’d like full custody of the fish, but you can visit if you wish.”

Directed by Michael Anthony Lopez, the video was shot in Hollywood and superbly captures the awkwardly prolonged moments expressed in LaForge’s very relatable and reliably witty lyrics.

And when we asked LaForge to clarify the song’s context, she replied:

“The song is about the terrible time frame between the decision to breakup and the actual leaving-with-all-your-stuff-part. It’s the worst part ever. I like to call this my passive-aggressive love song. It was inspired by a true story although the pet fish is fictional.”

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