“Moving Through Life” Music Video by City City (Premiere)

city city scapeCity City formed after Jeff Kirchner and Dan McCollister met while working at a pizza shop in Sherman Oaks. The duo soon became a coed collective who seem to unapologetically make music just to have fun. Their self-titled debut LP was released last year and often carries a buoyant synth-pop vibe thanks to effervescent keys, rapid digi-beats, and frequent harmonies. Here’s the album’s last track, “Moving Through Life,” which delivers an infectious midtempo pace.

“Got a pocket full of fire that I can’t put out.”

And here’s the song’s sharp music video (directed by Reed Clement of Neon Colony) which features the band in a stark landscape of white –that is until they decide to break the monotony with a bit of color.

City City: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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