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Raw Fabrics (4 of 19)Raw Fabrics recently performed a relaibly stellar set at The Roxy for their EP release show.

Roxy Flyer with bike valet presents 2

So Louven Reyes met up with the band to shoot some pics and ask frontman Jack B. Franco some questions.

What is the biggest difference between your last EP, Gold Handcuffs, and your new EP,
Plastic Joy?

“On Gold Handcuffs, we approached writing as any rock band would. On this [new] one we wrote songs around loops and ideas –like the idea to write a song around a chant of the word ‘beast.’ That was the main difference from our first EP to the second one. I think with the music being more intense the lyrics also lean that way too.”

Where does your self-described use of “jungle drums” come from?

“When the band was first starting we knew we wanted to have a couple of sounds that we kept going back to. Having the floor toms sound really massive and plastic-y was really cool to us –like you have this organic drum set with over the top tom drums. Just a cool shade to the sound.”

Is it true some of the lyrics were recorded ad lib?

“Some of them were. I’ll be in the studio and start messing around and stumble on something really great. For the most part on this EP I went into it with lyrics written already. On the Gold Handcuffs song ‘Every Single Time,’ lyrics were written on the spot. They just felt right. There is a certain energy about making something up on the spot that is really great.”

How did you recruit your new EP’s renown producer, Joe Chiccarelli, who has worked with artists such as Morrissey, U2, and The Strokes?

“I wish there was a really great story but we were throwing names out there to see who we wanted to work with and our manager got in touch with Joe Chiccarelli. Originally I talked to him about working on Gold Handcuffs but schedules didn’t work out. We actually hired him to engineer the EP which means he recorded all of the live instruments. Then after that we put the songs on my computer and I played the role of producer to finish them and make them sound exactly how we wanted. It was great tracking with Joe. It was a really fast paced session because we only had about twelve hours to record all five songs. He’s got great stories about recording legendary artists that made the coffee breaks that much better.”

What inspired the new EP’s cover art?

“We came up with the Plastic Joy EP art. We photographed the plastic water bottles ourselves. It took a while to capture it perfectly. We thought that by actually using plastic on the cover we could emphasize and draw attention to the meaning of Plastic Joy. We knew we wanted it to be visually simple, which is something we enjoy a lot about [Andy] Warhol’s aesthetic.”

Plastic Joy Cover print

What do you plan on releasing next?

“Up next I think you may see our third EP.”

Louven Reyes: Website, Instagram

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