“Don’t Say No” (feat. Dresses) by Cheat Codes (The Ready Set remix)

IMG_7810Cheat Codes‘ tropical-infused track, “Don’t Say No” (feat. Dresses), grooves along with organic percussion (steel drums) as well as shooting synths. The song has already received an impressive dance pop meets neo-R&B remix by Milk N Cooks, but Jordan Witzigreuter (aka The Ready Set) decided to create his own brooding, electro-pop version due to his close relationships with Trevor Dahl (of Cheat Codes) and Jared Ryan Maldonado (of Dresses) as co-collaborators on the indie pop project Cold Shoulders. Here’s what he had to say about his own spin:

“I was stoked to do this. I’ve been friends with these dudes forever and I think the song is great and so catchy. I wanted to put a kind of darker spin on the sound. I think it turned out pretty sweet.”

Cheat Codes will soon be on The Chainsmokers‘ Friendzone Tour.


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