Ofelia K. (Interview)

IMG_9164Popstress Ofelia K. has only leaked two tracks off her forthcoming debut EP (dropping August 25th via South By Sea), but she’s already wooed the blogosphere’s colletive heart by having an uncanny ability to play with blatant pop without getting stuck in bubblegum kitsch.

We wanted to learn more about the indie pop darling so we teamed up with David Evanko of MINIVAN Photography to shoot some pics and ask some questions in and around her Box Canyon hood and the Malibu Lagoon.

Out of all the places to live in L.A., how did you end up in beautiful Box Canyon?

“One day I was just looking at all of the green, nature areas on the map around L.A. and there it was. I’ve lived in other areas of the city but really like Box Canyon because it’s peaceful and has a southwestern vibe. They used to shoot old westerns like The Lone Ranger and Zorro here. It’s kind of a secret hideaway canyon –which is nice.”


What’s your favorite thing to do around here?

“Probably running and hiking with my dog in the hills. My house is a little oasis with a big garden. It’s a great place for creativity and writing music.”


How did your previous music project, wanderhouse, come to an end?

Doctor Rosen Rosen and I started wanderhouse together and we released three songs. They were atmospheric and had a melancholy feel. I started my solo project because I was itching to make more music and liked the idea of doing something in the pop realm. He worked on my EP with me: co-writing two of the songs and producing three of them.”


Your debut single, “White T-Shirt,” went viral. What do you think is its magic formula?

“Maybe it’s the combination of players involved? Ben Cassorla, Patrick Lynch, and I co-wrote it together –all bringing our different styles to the table. Ben started the production and added a lot of the organic elements. Then I took it to Mighty Mike [of KOLAJ] who worked his magic and gave it a nice pop glaze.”


Is there a story behind its title and lyrics?

“To me, this is a song about memories and time passing and the strange, sad, beautiful feeling of nostalgia. The white t-shirt part is a memory in my head from when I was younger.”


What can we expect from your debut EP dropping August 25th via South By Sea?

“We’re going to release each song as a single which will form the EP. So there will be four songs in all plus a rad remix of ‘White T-Shirt!'”


How did you originally meet your EP’s other producers: Ben Cassorla and Mighty Mike?

“They were both friends of Doctor Rosen Rosen so he introduced me. Mighty Mike was in the studio next to DRR and I used to see him there a lot. I did a lot of writing with Ben for this EP. We also consumed a lot of smoothies and peanuts.”

Have you started working on your debut LP yet?

“I’m always writing and making demos but haven’t actually started the process of working with a producer or anything yet.”

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